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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Glasgow Defence Campaign both does and does not want the police to fight the EDL

[Left: instead of taking the Cuts from the Capitalists, Imperialists and Zionists, the Glasgow Defence League thinks that the Workers should instead throw themselves off a cliff; but only under their orders. Above left: students being typical students by going through the middle-class rite of passage that is becoming a revolutionry for three years (at university). Above right: Leftist groups endlessly slag the police off, and call them 'an arm of the State', yet they also cry when the police don't go down heavy on the EDL or protect Muslims from 'fascists' or 'racists'. Surely by now these Leftists know that the leadership of the police, the Ian Blairs and Chris Sims of this world, has been well schooled in political correctness and Leftist pieties; or is the Left still living in the 1950s and 60s? Of course it is! Glorious 1968 and All That Crap.]

EDL Extra comments on the Glasgow Defence Campaign blog post, 'English Defence League given a free hand to attack anti-cuts activists in Newcastle', 22nd March, 2011. (Comments are in red.)


The GDC has learned of an instance of political policing of a different kind that took place in Newcastle at the weekend. Fascist thugs ['Fascist thugs'. I’ve never ever heard that one before from the Left. Highly original! Aren’t these Leftists political automatons?] from the English Defence League turned up at the Monument in Newcastle city centre to disrupt stalls organised by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, Tyneside Campaign against Racism!, and the Socialist Party [Ten Leftist parties and orgs before breakfast. Why so many? Because the far left is renowned for having in-fights with each other. Look at SWP/UAF versus Searchlight/Hope Not Hate today. They hate each other more than they hate the EDL.] Anti- cuts campaigners fighting for services and jobs heard the unemployed abused as scroungers by the EDL and asylum seekers and Muslims were also racially abused and intimidated. [Apparently, ‘anti-cuts campaigners’ have started to compare what they are doing to what the ‘revolutionaries’ (or the Muslim Brotherhood) are doing in Egypt, Libya and the London School of Economics. Don’t the British ‘working class’ really suffer? I mean. Some SWP/UAF lecturers and professors can’t afford a second car or a second holiday.] The response of the police was to fold their arms and let all this take place without warnings or intervention. A very different approach to the way protesters against the system have been treated, in Glasgow, Newcastle and London. This GDC site has ample evidence of this. [You can’t have it both ways! The Far Left categorically states that the police are an ‘arm of the capitalist State’. That what Marxist theory demands of its loyal believers. But then they complain about the police in this manner. That’s like a paedophile complaining to the headmaster for not letting him into the playground. In any case:

Was it an ‘arm of the State’ which imposed a ten-year ban, on an EDL member, from going on EDL demos and even from accessing EDL websites?
Was it the ‘arm of the State’ which may imprison the Gateshead Six for up to seven years for burning the Koran?
Was it ‘the arm of the State’ which deliberately allowed tiny groups of EDL out of a Dudley demo to be picked off by the Muslims who were marauding through Dudley town centre looking for any white person or kuffar to attack?
Was Chief Constable Sims, of West Mids Police, part of ‘the arm of the State’ when he praised Unite Against Fascism and attacked the EDL in the Birmingham Mail/Post?
Does the ‘arm of the State’ take its shoes off when it investigate Muslim bombers’ homes or mosques which have arms stashes?]

We know the cops are organised and paid to protect the powerful and wealthy and to disrupt, assault, intimidate and criminalise opposition. Where they can't do this, their fascist mates- the bootboys for British bankers and British imperialism- are allowed to get on with the dirty jobs while a blind eye is turned.

A new pamphlet from Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! Looks at some of the lessons so far from the beginning of the battle against the cuts. Called “No cuts- Full stop! Capitalist crisis and the public sector debt” available at, it contains a section on the specific lessons of political policing drawn from our recent experiences. Govanhill, Glasgow was the working class community where last summer comrades went out to campaign against the cuts and straight away came up against the police who were determined to limit and crush democratic rights if necessary. [From what I remember of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! about 1% of it is from ‘the working class community’. Speaking in a fake working-class accent, swearing a lot, wearing pseudo-scruffy clothes, liking reggae music, etc. does not make middle-class Leftist students working class. It makes them sad little fuckers!]

The fascist EDL are no different. They want the streets free of opposition to the attack on welfare and jobs and free of working class organisation so that their millionaire masters' budget can be pushed through. [Oh my God! Paranoid! The Leftist Conspiracy Theories are now running thick and fast. What about the one in which the EDL is ‘run by Zionists’? You haven’t told that joke yet. In any case. What evidence do you students have that the EDL is in favour of the cuts? None! What the EDL is against is Trotskyist groups like the Glasgow Defence Campaign and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! taking over these ‘fights against cuts’ and controlling them so that the ‘workers’ effectively become fodder for their Revolution. That’s what the EDL doesn’t like. It doesn’t like all the cuts either. It depends which cuts you are talking about. Then again, GDC/FRFI is an absolutist Trot group so of course it fights against ‘all cuts’, just as it fights against all capitalists, all capitalists parties, all capitalist actions and all the people who dare to be different from them politically… except Muslims and Islamists; but they’re Brown and Exotic – perfect for Leftist middle-class patronisation and use.] The Glasgow Defence Campaign calls for unity to defend the right to organise and protest against police and fascist threats. [Are the Glasgow Defence Campaign and FRFI both front groups for the SWP? This is usually the case in 99% of cases. It will be an odd thing if they aren’t under the lecturers and professors who run the SWP Central Committee and thus the SWP and thus all the SWP members (students) who spend their entire precious time taking orders from above.]

*) I've just seen that Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! is the Revolutionary Communist Group resurrected, I think, from the 1980s and early 1990s (which probably also means that the Glasgow Defence Campaign is also the RCG). Not that makes the slightest bit of difference to my claim that it may be a front group for the SWP! The doctrinal differences between the SWP and the RCG only matter to the SWP and RCG. To everyone outside that sad tiny Leftist universe these differences make no difference.
I also mentioned the brotherly war between Searchlight/Hope Not Hate and the SWP/UAF. That's nothing compared to the war between the Revolutionary Communist Group and the SWP, which goes back to the early 1980s. Indeed, I've just downloaded the RCG website and in it they accuse the SWP of supporting imperialism! I love it how these Trots try to out-Trot each other, just as the Islamists try to prove to other Islamists that they are far more extreme (or Islamically pious) than they are. The best proof for the Islamists, of course, is to blow themselves up for Allah or Islam. For the Trots who want to out-Trot other Trots, they can go to Palestine and become human shields for the Brown Exotic killer gang, Hamas.

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