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Thursday, 10 March 2011

English citizens did the Tommy Robinson back in 2006

In 2006, five years ago, some Londoners attempted to do more or less what Tommy Robinson did when he jumped a barrier and grabbed the Islamic Black Flag of war (until the police committed their violence for Islam against Tommy – see the video).

Five years back, there was an Islamist demonstration outside the Danish Embassy in London; just after the Danish Mohammed cartoons ‘scandal’.

In a sense, what these Muslims did then was almost worse than the poppy burners’ own act of audacity and sickness.

These are some of the banners and placards which were used on that Muslim demo in Knightsbridge:

Bomb bomb Denmark.’
‘Nuke nuke Denmark.’
‘Exterminate those who slander Islam.’
‘Behead those who insult Islam.’
‘Europe you’ll come crawling when the mujahideen come roaring.’
‘As Muslims unite we are prepared to fight.’
‘Europe you will pay, the fantastic four are on their way.’ [The London suicide bombers!]

Not only all that. Many of the Muslim protesters actually wore the paraphernalia of suicide bombers.

What did the police do in response these supporters of terrorism, nuclear jihad, mass extermination, beheading, the overtaking of Europe by the mujahideen, the mass murder of non-Muslims, insurrection and the London Bombers? Nothing! Just as they did nothing in the case of the poppy burners. Actually, that’s not quite true. They did do something, but not against the Muslim demonstrators. (Again, as was the case with the poppy burners.)

Passers by were so enraged by these Islamist hooligans and their Islamo-supremacist placards, that some of them attempted to take the placards away from them. Some people (not knowingly ‘counter-demonstrators’ at the time) also asked the senior police officers present what they hell they were doing – or why they were doing nothing!

The police didn’t put up with these entirely legitimate expressions of disgust aimed at the Muslims who were exploiting free speech. It was the kuffar who were stopped by the police from doing what they were doing; just as Tommy Robinson was stopped by the police (despite Robinson’s act being non-violent - as seen in the video below).

Another brave Englishman attempted to photograph a man dressed as a suicide bomber. Only attempted to photograph, that is! He too was threatened with arrest by the police.

The police, of course, rationalised the hypocrisy of their non-action against Muslims and their actions against the non-Muslims.

So clearly, the police’s appeasement of Islamists goes back to 2006 (if not before). Yet it is a disgrace that they were still appeasing these death-obsessed Muslims in 2011 – when Tommy did his spectacular and brave black-flag-of-war snatch.

It’s almost as if the police have adopted the SWP belief that Muslims can do no wrong and thus must never be arrested for anything (they seem to draw the line at actual acts of Islamoterrorism). Such arrests would no doubt threaten Community Cohesion and multiculturalism.

However, the average bobby hasn’t really adopted this Marxist hypocrisy at all. It is the police chiefs and commissioners who have done so, primarily over the last twenty or more years. The average bobby, of course, is often more concerned with keeping his job and securing a salary than adopting the dangerous position of actually arresting Muslims who 'love death more than life' (to quote a slogan from Hamas).

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