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Monday, 14 March 2011

Despite the posh voice, Edward Mortimer is ignorant about British Islam [Video of Tommy Robinson and Edward Mortimer debating UK Islam.]

[Left: Edward Mortimer. Oxford educated and United Nations employed - clearly born and bred to tell the English working class what to do and even what to think. Right: Tommy Robinson. He'll never get a look in, with the former class, with a Luton accent. So let's take the 'class war' away from the middle class SWP and other far leftists. Indeed, let's take the class war against the English working class, of the Edward Mortimers of this world, and show the rest precisely what it is and what is actually happening.]

I’d like to be all political about this Edward Mortimer chap. But one word just came to mind every time he spoke: snob. He’s not a snob towards immigrants, ethnics, gays or whatever other group he and his privileged class patronises at the moment (of course!). But he's snobby towards a single group: the indigenous English. Or even more specific than that: the white English working class (probably the English black working class too now that they’re loosing their Exotic appeal to Oxbridge types like Mortimer).

You just got the feeling, throughout the interview, that he simply assumed that Tommy knew nothing about any of the matters discussed. Yet Tommy was far more eloquent and passionate about these issues; whereas Mortimer came out with pious Leftist clichés and sounded like he’d only just been brought back to life for the programme.

Why would he think that Tommy didn’t know his stuff? Because Tommy’s working class and has a Luton accent? Nothing else could have engendered his arrogant question to Tommy: ‘Do you actually know what sharia law is?’ Of course Tommy does! He’s been speaking on this very issue to numerous journalists and presenters for over a year now. What Edward Mortimer really must have meant was: How can someone have a negative attitude to Islam and sharia law if they have studied these things?

Mortimer himself has written a book on political Islam – in 1982. So he should have at least some idea of the enormity of the problem facing all non-Muslims. And yet, in a programme that lasted over thirty minutes, he didn’t have a single critical word to say about Islamism, never mind Islam itself. So, instead, he more than once accuses Tommy of generalising. Yet isn’t finding not even a single fault with Islam itself a sort of generalisation?

Perhaps the English ruling class has cosied itself up too closely to Muslims and indeed the Arabs. Mortimer is an ‘expert in the Middle East’. Many have called our Foreign Office ‘the camel corps’. And even our future possible king, Prince Charles, ‘simply adores Islam’ and even said that we non-Muslim Brits should be fed a bit of it. (Prince Charles was even instrumental in getting the Finsbury Park mosque built – and we all know what happened there; it became Jihad Central.)

The point I’m making here is rather than our ruling class being ‘against all foreign Johnnies’ (as the Left tries to pretend it is - in any case, the Left is often the ruling class), the exact opposite is now the truth (perhaps it was true in the past). Edward Mortimer is a good example. He works for the non-democratic, and even anti-democratic, United Nations, which is full of Arab and Muslim dictators and torturers. Indeed one of the biggest organisations in the UN is the Organisation of the Islamic Conference – which includes over 57 Muslim ‘member states’.

But, of course, having been brought up in Exeter, studying at Oxford University and now living in Salzburg, you can see why he’d be an expert on Muslim paedophile and grooming gangs in the North West, or on the many Islamists and jihadists in Luton, Sparkbrook, Manningham and whatnot. You see this man probably relies exclusively on leftist-liberal academics and the Left-Liberal Great and Good for information about all things Islamic and Muslim – all of whom have an ideological imperative to defend multiculturalism. Thus they will never, in principle, see any Islamic evil. Their jobs are worth more to them than is telling the truth about Islam and the behaviour of Muslims in the UK.

The other old chestnut Edward Mortimer threw at us was the one about there only being a ‘few’ Islamists. Even when Tommy mentioned the 10,000 who attended a single Hizb-ut-Tahrir demo, Mortimer still said the same thing.
Mortimer clearly has no political or historical wisdom. In the game of politics, it has nearly always been minorities who have pulled the strings and brought about massive change to states and societies. Think of what the tiny Bolshevik Party achieved in Russia. Even the political activists within the Nazi Party probably only made up an extreme minority of German society. Even our own tiny SWP causes a hell of a lot of trouble and even influences many people to affect 'radical' change.

Again, politics is a minority pursuit – it always has been. Even Labour Party and Conservative Party activists are very few in number. None of this matters. If all Edward Mortimer is saying is that millions of Muslims don’t get active politically, don’t bomb or proselytise or hand out Islamist leaflets, then he’s correct. But that’s politics. What matters is not whether or not Mahmood prefers to run his taxi business or his corner shop, but who, politically and in the end, he prefers: Islamism/Islam and Sharia law or British democracy and the rule of British law. I think I know, when the crunch comes, who the vast majority of Muslims will support if that blatant situation were to arise. And that’s the point. Just as three million Muslims is actually a lot, in political terms, so the tens of thousands - or even hundreds of thousands - of politicised Muslims, Islamists, from that group of three million Muslims, is indeed also a lot. It is a number and force to worry about - as Tommy and the EDL do, but our blissfully ignorant Edward Mortimer decidedly does not.

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