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Monday, 21 March 2011

The barrage of Leftist lies continues in post-EDL-demo Reading

[Left: an EDL demo. Why do Leftists like UAF/SWP, and members of the InterFaith faith, as well as gullible local journalists (fed info by UAF, etc.) and the regional MPs who feed off the Muslim block vote, want to hide what the EDL has to say from the people of Reading and the rest of the UK? Why don't they trust democracy and the good sense of the British people?]
EDL Extra comments on BBC News Berkshire news item, 'EDL mosque protest in Reading is branded 'hateful', 20th March, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

EDL mosque protest in Reading is branded 'hateful'

Up to 200 members of the EDL gathered for the protest which was peaceful, police said

An English Defence League (EDL) protest in Reading over plans to build a new mosque in the town has been condemned for causing "hatred and division". [You know; like the ‘hatred and division’ often caused by Islamists, as well by the Muslim gangs in North West and elsewhere? And you think that’s bad? Try scapegoating the EDL again in 20 or less years when Islam has made ‘hatred and division’ much more manifest and as the Islamoghettoes get larger and there are more of them.

Want to know about hatred and division? Visit any Muslim or Islam country on this planet and what you will see will make the EDL’s actions seem like play time. Get your priorities right and see who the real enemies are. Not the EDL. The Islamists and the many other kinds of Muslim extremist in the UK and indeed Reading.] Up to 200 members of the EDL staged a peaceful protest in the town centre on Saturday afternoon, police said. [Hatred and division caused by a ‘peaceful protest’? Is that like the peace and love caused by the poppy burnings, the homophobic Islamic Conference in Small Heath at the weekend, or even by the London bombings?]

Councillor Andrew Cumpsty, leader of Reading Borough Council, said: "Hatred and division have no place in civilised political debate." [Yes? And what exactly are we to make of that Leftist soundbite?]

A team leader from the EDL told the BBC: "My message is no more mosques."

EDL members came from around the UK to demonstrate against plans submitted to Reading Borough Council to build a new mosque and community centre.

They were met by counter protesters but there was no violence and no arrests were made.

'Enough is enough'

The EDL spokesman said: "There are 12 Islamic centres in Reading and that's fine, within the Muslim community that's fine, but the trouble with the Muslim community is they don't want to interact with our ways and our laws and they start preaching their hate.

"Enough is enough."

But the three leaders on the political groups that make up Reading Borough Council condemned the demonstration as "racist". [How do you beat your enemy? Call them ‘racist’, or ‘fascist’, or even ‘racist fascists’ for good measure.]

Mr Cumpsty said: "We in Reading have excellent relations between our varied and vibrant communities. Hatred and division have no place in civilised political debate and I condemn the activities of this small minority. [That is a lie! There hasn’t been unequivocally and uniformly ‘excellent relations’ between all Reading’s communities and he knows it. Then again, he’s a politician. And one thing we all know politicians do is lie.]

"In Reading we celebrate all the varied parts of our town, as all together, we are all stronger and richer because of our diversity." [More freaking Leftist soundbites! It’s all meaningless. And when they’re not empty Leftist soundbites, they’re just plain lies.

The only time such communities ‘celebrate their diversity’ is when the cameras are there, or when InterFaithers or Leftists arrange the ‘celebrations’. It’s all a lie in most, but not all, cases. This is even truer when we’re talking about Muslim communities ‘celebrating diversity’. They don’t do it! Or, more correctly, they do it, but only when regional journalists are there; or members of the InterFaith faith are there; or when Leftists like UAF want to score political points against those who deny the uniform goodness that is multiculturalism.

We are being conned big time by these leftist politicos, naïve local journalists and members of the InterFaith faith. The EDL, and many more individuals and groups by the day, know better. The Left knows they've got a massive fight on their hands. That's why they support the draconian measures take by 'the State' against members of the EDL. 'With the State never', eh? Build your gulags and then we'll put you in them instead.]

Peaceful protest

Ejaz Elahi, a member of Reading Council for Racial Equality, said: "Obviously the Muslim community is unhappy about it. They don't like to be picked on by people who don't even belong to Reading. [So not a single EDL on that day was from Reading? Pull the other one! What about the UAF counter-demonstrators? Aren’t they all from the London School of Economics, Hackney, Islington and those other godforsaken places where Leftists and liberals mutually masturbate one another whilst reading the Guardian and Socialist Worker?]

"We are in close contact with the police. We don't want to give them (the EDL) the opportunity for the publicity that they are seeking." [Why’s that? If they are racist and fascist, then trust the people to see that they’re racist and fascists. Unless you don’t want people to see that the EDL isn’t racist and fascist.

Why don’t Leftists trust the people? Why do they only use, abuse and patronise the people instead?]

Supt Stuart Greenfield, of Thames Valley Police, confirmed the protest had remained peaceful.

"There were no arrests which is always a real indicator of the success of a policing operation. There was no need for overt police action. It was a watching brief for us pretty much throughout.

"It's a democracy, people have the right to peacefully protest - but that's the key, it's about peaceful protest. As soon as people step outside the boundaries of the law then of course we have to pitch our response appropriately."

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