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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The anti-Semitic Islamist Bunglawalah accuses Melanie Phillips of ‘racism’ against Arab Muslims

[Left: The Independent journalist Mathew Norman, who is well schooled in Inayat Bunglawalah's hyocritical mantras against all things Jewish. Right: the slimy tayiyya merchant, Inayat Buglawalah himself. Inayat has a deep respect for the shared 'Abrahamic faith' that is Judaism. He particularly admires the way the Jews gave Mohammed the two-fingered 'fuck off' when he asked them to join his One True Faith.]

EDL Extra comments on posts in the Inayat Buglawalah blog, Inayat's Corner. The first post is, ' Welcome to the World of 'Mad Mel'', by Mathew Norman of The Independent. (Comments are in red.)


The Independent’s diarist, Matthew Norman, today reflects on the controversial comments made by Melanie Phillips about Arabs:

“What desperate moments for all among us who revere Melanie Phillips and the rigorous self-restraint she brings to her work. In the coming days, the Metropolitan Police must decide whether to prosecute her over a classically thoughtful posting on her Spectator-hosted blog.

“No one could argue with Melanie’s outrage at the brutal murder of a family of West Bank settlers. What roused Muslim lobby group Engage to write to the Press Complaints Commission and Trevor Phillips, as well as the law, was her wontedly subtle extrapolation from the specific to the general… the extension of one horrendous crime to “the moral depravity of the Arabs”; one reference to Arabs as “savages”; and another to “the moral depravity of the Arabs”. [These are exactly the same kind of words Islamists, Leftists and Guardian journalists use against ‘the Zionists’ and the Israeli state. Indeed, these are exactly the same kinds of words that Inayat Bunglawalah uses. This man is obsessed by Jews, as all Islamists are. And as many Muslims are. Indeed, he refers to all Jews, even non-practising and non-Zionist Jews, as members of ‘the Tribe of Judah’.

But how can Mel P have been ‘racist’? It is obvious that she didn’t mean Arab Christians. Indeed, there are even Arab Jews, or at least Arabs who have converted to Judaism. She clearly didn’t mean them. The Arabs she is talking about are Muslims; not the Arabised Copts of Egypt, not the Arabised Chaldean or Assyrian Christians of Iraq, etc.]

“Some will wonder about the public reaction were a parodist to rework this piece by substituting “Arabs” with “Jews” [a classic Bunglawalah mantra which this Guardian journalists appears to have stolen from him], and perhaps they have a point. Even so, we ask the Met to show clemency. Clearly an investigation is required, recalling the hate-crime inquiry into Mr Tony Blair once referring to “the f***ing Welsh”. But I hope the police conclude that our prisons are already adequately clogged with those who need treatment rather than punishment. The last spectre that Mad Mel supporters such as I would welcome is the weekly internal-cavity search on visiting day at HMP Holloway. [‘Mad Mel’? A classic Stalinist tactic. Call all of whom you disagree with ‘mad’ (or ‘fascist’ or ‘racist’) and you can dispense with them - no problem. No debate. No discussion. 'No Platform', eh?

The Islamists and the Left share this name-calling and cynical approach to politics. That’s partly why they love each other so much at the moment. That is, until the Islamists gain real power and put the Leftists up against the wall, as they have done in Iran, Pakistan, Algeria, Egypt, etc.]
“* Whether the BBC will now retain MM on Radio 4′s The Moral Maze may depend on whether its commitment to positive discrimination outweighs its concern about the excitement of hatred for minorities. One for Mark Thompson to ponder there, though the director-general shouldn’t hang around. Thommo is believed to be seeking alternative employment, and according to one executive was recently “spotted in swanky offices on the US west coast”.” [Yes, let’s get another Leftist for the Moral Maze. After all, if you’re Leftist, and support Hamas killers and other Islamists, you can’t be ‘mad’, can you?]

[This post is preumably by Inayat Buglawalah himself. It is called: 'Mel P in 2005'.]

Here is Mel P writing on her blog in 2005 about why it is right to have incitement to racial hatred laws but not incitement to religious hatred laws:

“Attacking people on account of their race is to attack what they are. Attacking people on account of their religion is to attack what they think. The former is an uncivilised attack on our common humanity. The latter is an integral part of debate in a liberal democracy.” [Absolutely! And what’s wrong with that? Who ‘incites’ more religious hatred than the Islamists, the Hamas which Bunglawalah supports, and Inayat himself, against the Jews? It is these exampes of purported ‘anti-Zionism’ which are really racist.

Yes. It is abundantly clear that Bunglawalah is only talking about one religion here, Islam, and the one group he purports that Mel P and others are taking to be a race, Muslims. The selectivity and hypocrisy of Bunglawalah’s ‘fight against racism’ makes you feel sick – literally! This man has hated the Jews for over twenty years and has frequently displayed that hate in print and on the Internet.

Of course we should be able to ‘attack’ people’s religion – we have been doing so in the West (which is partly why Bunglawalah hates it) since the Enlightenment, if not for longer. People can change their beliefs. They cannot change their race. The logic of Mel P’s position is so simple that Bunglawalah must have deliberately perverted it in a classic example of Islamic taqiyya, which he’s a master of.]

Here is Mel P in 2011:

“…the moral depravity of the Arabs is finding a grotesque echo in the moral bankruptcy and worse of the British and American ‘liberal’ media…To the New York Times, it’s not the Arab massacre of a Jewish family which has jeopardised ‘peace prospects’ — because the Israelis will quite rightly never trust any agreement with such savages — but instead Israeli policy on building more homes, on land to which it is legally and morally entitled, which is responsible instead for making peace elusive. Twisted, and sick.”

An “uncivilised attack on our common humanity”…I couldn’t have worded it better myself. [It’s all as if Bunglawalah has never ‘generalised’ about the Jews himself! He has. Countless times in the last twenty years. Not only that. His criticisms of ‘Zionists’ and Israelis are racial in nature; hence him picking out members of ‘the Tribe of Judah’ for no other reason than their being Jewish. As far as Mel P is concerned, she is concerned with the affect of Islamic culture on Arabs as a society and a culture, not as a race; otherwise her words would have also been directed at the Arabised Copts, the Arabised Christian Chaldeans, the Arabised Assyrians, as well as plain Arabic Jews and Arabic Christians.]

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