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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Anthem For Far-From Doomed Students

What passing-bells for these who riot like typical students?

Only the monstrous noise of the hip drummers.

Only the endless chants of the SWP

Can cancel out their student debts.

No eulogies for them from Guardianistas,

Nor any articles mourning their loss of a second holiday, -

The shrill, demented choirs of female SWP;

And megaphones calling them from the LSE.

What copies of Socialist Worker to speed them all?

Not only in the hands of students, but in their red hair

Shall shine the Trotskyite glimmers of ‘no more war!’

The pallor of Leftist chicks’ brows shall be their pall;

Their banners the tenderness of student minds,

And each slow dusk a drawing-down of student blinds

To watch The Weakest Link.

(After Wilfred Owen.)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDL Extra comments on the The Telegraph piece, ' Shouldn't anarchists be in favour of cutting the size of the state?', by Ed West, March 28th, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

The Left is Not Against the State – only the Wrong Kind of State

Viewing events on Saturday, and listening to the Metropolitan Police’s Commander Bob Broadhurst on Radio 4 this morning, one is reminded of how gentle and civilised the police in Britain generally are, both to peaceful demonstrators (as this account shows) and to non-peaceful. Never mind Libya or Syria, if anarchists tried to pull such stunts even in France they’d be dealt with ferociously. [The Left, and even some anarchists, do actually want the police to be ‘ferocious’ and brutal – when it deals with the EDL and all other ‘right wingers’. Even when it deals with fox hunters, football ‘hooligans’, ‘loyalists’, badger-baiters, etc. The Left loves the state full stop – when it is Trotskyist or Communist. They believe in the massive buildings of prisons – gulags to house right wingers, the EDL, etc. They believe in torture – against ‘right wing terrorists’. They believe in a massive centralised state to take care of, or patronise, the poor, the working class and, now, the Brown Exotic. The state will never ‘fade away’. It will simply start doing the things Leftists, and some anarchists, want it to do rather than doing the stuff the ‘Zionists’, the ‘neo-liberals’, the platonic ‘Capitalists’, etc. want it to do.] The irony is that here are self-proclaimed “anarchists” protesting against a reduction in the size of the state. Aren’t anarchists supposed to be in favour of smashing it? [Yes. Smashing the wrong kind of state and making a new one that is more amenable, or obedient, to their wishes.

In addition, we should realise how much many anarchists and Trots simply love violence for the sake of violence. It goes back to the 19th century and the ‘bourgeois’ terrorism-fixation. In the early 20th century, George Sorrel stressed the liberatory aspect of pure violence without feeling any need to rationalise that love of violence with tales about the platonic Oppressed or the platonic Capitalists.

The thing is, Leftists, being mainly middle class, feel that they have to justify and rationalise their love of a good riot or a good scrap with politics or the Liberation of the Working Class. They can’t become football hooligans because that’s a working class thing and besides which football hooligans admit they fight for the sake of fighting not for the sake of, say, liberating the endlessly oppressed fans of Bradford City. However, Class War more or less makes it clear, at least to others, that it likes violence, riot and the hurting of ‘pigs’ for the sake of such things. But because of the Leftist and anarchist distaste for what may be called right-wing machismo, even the upholders of ‘no war but the claaaasss war’ need to rationalise their love of aggro… a bit.] Well, to an extent. According to the Whitechapel Anarchist Group, the most prominent of the various organisations: “Anarchy is a highly organised form of society that is clearly the only morally sensible way to run the world where everybody is the master of their own destiny.” [This guy sounds like he might have once been a speech writer for Tony Blair or Hilary Clinton. Actually, to be honest, saying that anarchists believe in ‘highly organised forms of society’ is not a contradiction in terms. Anyway. Will anarchists let the EDL, right wingers, or fox hunters, etc. be ‘masters of their own destiny’? Of course they won’t!] “The Anarchist solution… would be a society where there is no State, all wealth is owned in common by the people, relationships are non-exploitative, work is shared and decisions made in the knowledge of all.” [Yes, but what about group sex and sharing sexual partners? Also, will the trains run on time and who will clean the sewers? And ‘you’d have everybody starving if they didn’t get their meat’.] Or in other words, they wish to create all the conditions for Communism, while hoping that a Communist dictatorship won’t emerge, despite overwhelming evidence that it would. [And don’t forget than many Communists and Trots have said, or implied, that they are kinda anarchists anyway. After all, the Prophet Marx said that ‘the State will wither away’ once the Communists have killed all the millions of baddies and destroyed every Capitalist institution and pro-Capitalist work of literature. Then all will be sweetness and light – but not Utopia! Marxists are not Utopians, despite the fact that although they don’t often promise everything explicitly, they imply, by their Totalism against everything else, that they will indeed deliver us everything. But they are not, again, Utopians because Marx said that they are not Utopians.] I’m not taking anything away from the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators who acted completely lawfully – they have the right to do so, even if I personally believe there is no alternative to cuts – but violence does seem to follow Left-wing protests around, especially whenever students are involved. When was the last time Right-wingers in Britain caused such violence? If the entirely working-class English Defence League can manage a large protest in Luton without violence, why can’t middle-class lefties? [Yes. But mass riots, gulags, state repression, etc. don’t matter if they are done for Liberation and the Oppressed. In any case. The EDL is ‘far right’ so if they even so much as sneeze outside a mosque, it is only right that the State, which the Left and arnarchists otherwise hate, should come down on them like a ton of bricks.] The Left’s domination of European political violence is a result of its moral righteousness. [The Pious Left!] Earlier this month protesters compared themselves to Libya and Egypt’s revolutionaries, thus sowing the idea that the authorities were not in fact the accountable employees of a state run by democratically-elected politicians, but storm-troopers of the Man. Even this was nothing like as absurd as student leader Adam Ramsay’s reference to the “anger of a doomed youth”. Bless. (I hate to spoil the party, but had Wilfred Owen only been facing the prospect of an overdraft to pay for his media studies course, rather than German machine guns, I’m not sure his poetry would have been quite so moving.) Then there was Ed Miliband’s absurd speech on Saturday, in which he said: “We come in the traditions that have marched in peaceful but powerful protest for justice, fairness and political change… The suffragettes who fought for votes for women and won… The civil rights movement in America that fought against racism and won… The anti-apartheid movement that fought the horror of that system and won.” [It has often been said that the Left is a ‘broad church’ stretching from New Labour to rioting Trots and anarchists. They are all essentially part of the same family. So much so that the Bishop of Bradford once said that the SWP/UAF, and its leader Wymann Bennet, ‘had their hearts in the right place’. This is even more clearly the case considering the fact that that vacuous New Labourite-but-I’m-also-a-true-socialist politician, Ed Miliband, tried to ingratiate himself with all and sundry during his pro-riot speech.] We’ve already had Polly Toynbee comparing cuts to the Final Solution, Laurie Penny calling cuts “a stab in the back” and Karen Buck saying the Tories are trying to drive Muslims out of London (without so much as a telling off). If senior opponents of spending reductions are so willing to dehumanise opponents, make inappropriate. [Th historical comparisons and use the race card, is it any wonder that in a sea of righteous anger violence ensues? [These pieces of blatant, and therefore absurd, Leftist propaganda remind of the equally absurd and blatant bits of propaganda from Hamas. For example, the ‘Palestinian Holocaust’ in which definitely less than 30,000 Palestinians have died in much more than ten years. They also call it a ‘genocide’, which it ain’t! Go to the Sudan and the Congo for real examples of these things. They called the Israeli actions on the Gaza Flotilla ‘a massacre’ and even a ‘genocide’!! More Christians die, at the hands of Muslims, in Pakistan every week than Turkish Islamists died on the Gaza Flotilla. Yet, we must realise, that this is all Hamas has got – cynical and sometimes brainless propaganda aimed mainly at Western Leftists and left-liberals. Is that also true of these pro-riot Leftists?]


  1. Good point about sexual politics. Trots don't just want to liberate themselves by breaking the bonds of monogamy (lifelong or serial) that are entrenched in our society: more disengenuously, they tell woman that they can be liberated by handing themselves around like party-favours. You'd almopst think they want to legalise polygamy...

  2. Excellent bowdlerisation of Owen's poem!

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