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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) Conference Cancelled

From the London Patriot blog

Excellent news. The idiot foreigners, Communists and Trots, assorted Labour freaks and great unwashed of the Unite Against Freedom Party have had to cancel their National Conference in Central London (collective outpouring of sympathy). A little bird tells me this was down to the efforts of a London Patriotic group who alerted the authorities to possibilities of a riot at the venue and civil disorder on a massive scale by the UAF Party. Well done to those concerned. ‘UAF Off Our Streets, Whose British Streets, Our British Streets…Good effort. (Why not give them a ring to gloat).

From their hate site.

The UAF has had to postpone its conference scheduled for Saturday 26 February, due to problems outside our control. [Come clean scum. We know why.]

We will announce a new date shortly. Please call us at the UAF office on 020 7801 2782 or email us [EDL – do what they ask!] if you have any problems or queries as a result of the postponement. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The conference will bring together people from across the country [mainly from Hackney and Islington], from all sections of the community [mainly white middle class students and ex-students] and from trade union branches, student groups and community organisations to discuss how we can defeat the fascists of the British National Party and counter the growing threat [to them] of the English Defence League – racist thugs [‘racist thugs’? I’ve never heard that phrase before] with fascists in their midst.

Watch this space for a new conference date soon. Hopefully that one can be cancelled as well.

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