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Thursday, 3 February 2011

UK Muslim councillor receives death threats over blasphemy case

- From The Telegraph

A Muslim Conservative councillor has received death threats after taking up the case of a Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy.

Asia Bibi Photo: AP By Rob Crilly, Islamabad 2 Feb 2011:
Raza Anjum travelled to Pakistan in December and spent three weeks meeting political leaders urging them to release Asia Bibi, a mother-of-five found guilty of defaming the Prophet Mohammed, a conviction that human rights campaigners say is unsafe.

In one threatening phone call, which he has reported to police, he was told to “stop supporting Christians or he would be made a terrible example out of”.

He told The Daily Telegraph he had received five violent threats since returning, all from people claiming to be Muslim and speaking with British accents.

“The British Muslim community need to be more proactive in speaking out against those who promote hatred and violence” said Mr Anjum, 25, who sits on Saffron Waldon Town Council.

“I will stand up against these extremists.” The case of Asia Bibi has unleashed dark forces in Pakistan.

Salman Taseer, governor of Punjab, was gunned down by one of his own bodyguards last month for supporting her case and urging reform of the country’s draconian laws.

His killer has enjoyed widespread support. Mumtaz Qadri has been showered with rose petals by supporters who believe that reforming the law would unleash a torrent of abuse direct at the Prophet Mohammed and damage the standing of Islam in Pakistan.

Human rights activists say the legislation — toughened under the hardline rule of General Zia ul-Haq — is being used to settle scores and persecute religious minorities.

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  1. Well done Mr Anjum, you are very brave to stand up to the islamo-thugs! You have a lot of support among the British people!