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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

UAF/SWP: 'No Platform' for the White Working Class!

If the EDL is evil personified, then why doesn't UAF allow the British public a chance to reach that conclusion for itself?

Totalitarian Leftists hate free speech because, quite simply, free speech will often be at odds with Marxist or Trotskyist dogma - and we can't have that!

UAF wants to control what the easily-brainwashed (in its view) white working class can hear and see. These middle-class students and professionals simply don't trust the white working class. They patronise them. They want to control them. And since the SWP itself has given up on the working class, and turned its cynical attention to Muslims and Islam, we're being fucked again by a groups that oh-so-much want to be the Ruling Class. The Trotskyist Ruling Class!

So trust the people to make up their own minds. Unless you believe that the EDL is actually telling the truth on many issues!! And we can't have that, can we?

February 2011, from the UAF/SWP website

Protest to BBC: Newsnight gives boost to racist EDL leader

UAF is urging supporters to complain to the BBC after “Tommy Robinson”, leader of the English Defence League was allowed to promote his hate-filled anti-Muslim racism on the flagship Newsnight programme.

Racists with fascists in their midst

The EDL is an organisation of racist thugs with fascists from the British National Party and other Nazi groups in their midst. Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon – is a former BNP member.

The EDL are violent racists who particularly target Muslims. EDL supporters have rampaged through town centres, attacking Asian and Black people, attacking Mosques and Hindu temples, and smashing windows of homes, shops and cars.

Robinson’s inteview came after a piece by a Newsnight reporter in which EDL leaders were referred to matily by their first names, as “Tommy” and “Amit”.

The programme failed to show the scale of opposition to the EDL or mention the many counter-protests against it in towns and cities across the country. Newsnight did not ask UAF for comment.

Licence fee

Instead publicity was given to EDL members, who were allowed to spout their racist filth on the licence fee and to advertise their “protest” in Luton.

UAF is urging supporters to complain to the BBC on 03700 100 222.

We are also urging all antiracists and antifascists to come to the UAF counter-protest against the EDL in Luton on Saturday 5 February. We need to show that the vast majority of people are appalled by the racism, division and violence of the EDL.

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  1. Tut tut! So jealous of the attention EDL are receiving!! They will have to change their tune if they want any interest: people are sick to death of the scum and their muzzie ventriloquists!