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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Salma Yaqoob's Take on David Cameron's Death-of-Multiculturalism Speech

Comment on Salma Yaqoob's Guardian article, 'Did Cameron really mean what he said about multiculturalism?' -
Yaqoob claims that she was ‘inspired’ by a previous Cameron exposure to Islamic Birmingham. Does Yaqoob ‘really mean’ that she was inspired by Cameron’s visit to Sparkbrook, or has the ‘right wing of her party’ (Respect) got to her – in the way Yaqoob argues that that the Conservative Party ‘right wing’ have influenced Cameron.

All Yaqoob’s goodspeak about Cameron is mightily insincere. Come on! Yaqoob hates the Tories, whether or not they left-of-centre or right-of –centre Tories – it doesn’t really matter to her. She rants and raves repeatedly against the Conservative Party. Full stop. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Cameron clone or a 'neo-liberal' (‘neo-con’). Yaqoob has spewed out tons of IslamoTrot rhetoric in the Guardian, the New Statesman, Socialist Worker, etc. on the evil nature of the Conservative Party. (Not just the EDL is evil in her eyes… far from it. If she, or her like, ever gained power, we would quickly realise that.) There has never been any hint from her that there are any good Tories (like Cameron?). Her position against the Conservative Party is as absolute as her attitude towards the BNP or EDL. So is she attempting to ‘divide and rule’ the Tory Party?

Talking about ‘influence’. Is Yaqoob also ‘inspired by’ the Somali and Pakistani Muslim gangs and the many shootings which have occurred in Birmingham recently? Many non-Muslim think that places like Sparkbrook, Alum Rock, etc. are more a multicultural hell than a multicultural heaven – it depends on whether you talk to Muslims (or Trots) or non-Muslims (genuine Brummies). And was Cameron himself initially inspired by the Guided Tour of Only Nice Muslim Things, as run by Yaqoob and other Muslims?

Yaqoob is right, we cannot ‘bully people into feeling British’; but we can come down hard on those Muslims who want to destroy our country and turn into a repressive and boring Islamic state. We can say: If you truly hate this country so much, then get the fuck out of it.

So of course Yaqoob will not expect anything from ‘immigrant communities’ because she feeds off their supposedly negative experiences and uses them in her political battle against the Capitalist State and the Evil United States (plus the Zionists). The Oppressed can never do wrong – after all, she is an IslamoTrot.

Yaqoob also talks about ‘the lazy use of language’ by ‘right-wing’ commentators on Islam and Muslims. There is no better example of a ‘lazy use of language’ than to talk about the ‘demonisation of the Muslim community’. 'Demonise’ often just means criticise. Yaqoob wants sharia law to protect Islam and Muslim behaviour. As for her being classed as an ‘Islamist’ and an ‘extremist’ – is it not even possible that she is both? Many people certainly think she is an extremist IslamoTrot – and for many good reasons.

Yaqoob says that we Brits, Islamophobes and all, must embrace ‘British values’ like ‘tolerance’. Yes, true, but Muslims and IslamoTrots should also be reminded of the ‘British values – hospitality, tolerance and generosity’. Again and again Yaqoob displays the fact that she hears no Islamic/Muslim evil; sees no Islamic/Muslim evil; and never ever speaks about any Islamic/Muslim evil. Such truth would not prove beneficial to an IslamoTrots who feeds off Muslim disquiet and indeed try to fuel it.

Yaqoob predictably cites the support for Cameron’s multicultural speech from the BNP and the EDL. So what’s the logic here? That Cameron’s opinions on multiculturalism are suspect or wrong simply because they were ‘wholeheartedly endorsed by the leader of the BNP and those who took part in the EDL marches on the same day’? It is not Cameron’s fault that these Evil People agree with what he said. And what’s with the perverse binary logic here? If you are ‘anti-racist’ you cannot also be against Islamism and Muslims extremism? Conversely, if you are an anti-Islamist then you must be a racist – by some kind of IslamoTrot definition?

To defend the Birmingham Islamic dream she cites a Birmingham council survey and various examples of interfaithing. Firstly; the council survey. This was a self-fulfilling and politically-biased survey. Of course it was – it was carried out by Birmingham Council, which is hardly likely to do the dirt on its own city – would Turkeys vote for Christmas? Yaqoob says that Sparkbrook and other Muslim ghettoes in Birmingham are ‘succeeding’? Who says this apart from Yaqoob? By whose standards do we measure such success – Yaqoob’s? Is success measured by how Islamist, Trotskyist or IslamoTrotskyite Sparkbrook is? I think this is what Yaqoob means.

Then Yaqoob cites a few acts of Birmingham goodness. But these acts of municipal niceness can be found in every town and city in the country – rich or poor. The question is whether or not Islam and Islamism are genuinely contributing to these things. It’s all a bit vague really. That’s how Yaqoob’s rhetoric works.

Yaqoob makes much of Muslim action against Islamic extremists. She says that Muslims chucked out Islam4UK from a Birmingham mosque. But that is because Islam4UK was a well-known (to non-Muslims) Islamic extremist group. The trick is to put other Islamists in their position - those who more or less believe the same kinds of thing as Anjem Choudary. But, of course, the new Islamic extremists will not be known to most non-Muslims. The Labour Party knows all about this phenomenon. It has formed Muslim groups (such as MCB) to ‘deal with the Islamic extremists’. The problem was, and repeatedly so, that the new ‘moderates’ turned out to be as extreme as the extremists. Again, New Labour made this mistake on many occasions. For example, the extreme Islamist group the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) is still seen as moderate by Labour as well as by many other gullible dhimmis or Islamophiles.

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