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Monday, 28 February 2011

Ratna Lachman, of JUST West Yorkshire, says: The white working class doesn't exist

From Roundhall 2010, by Darren Lawson

Ratna Lachman implies that the white working class social group does not exist.

At the communities and local governments' committee session, for the discussion of an understanding of the measures that are in place to ensure the prevention of extremism, at Westminster November 30th 2009 Ratna Lachman representing the JUST organisation in West Yorkshire clearly implies that she does not accept the existence of a 'white working class' social group and further-more makes the claim that the term 'white working class' is synonomous with far right wing politics. After suggesting that it was a good idea to spend twelve million pounds to find out if they are and why 'white working class' communities are becoming more militant Ratna says:

'[It might be a more effective strategy to use money to open a dialogue with the muslim community] not pouring as we have forty five, a hundred million into prevent moneys, three point five billion into counter terrorist operations'

Prevent is a government scheme implemented to provide money to community projects within the muslim community of two million five hundred thousand people so that they might be better equipped to avoid the possibilty of militant Islamic adherents rallying around what has become known as extreme ideology.

The video above was recorded from B.B.C. footage of the communities and local governments' committee session.

That's a lot of money to spend on a small number of people and on a problem that will remain with the Islamic faith, to stop a number of Muslims from being able to make demands of the British government by remaining militant and having the conviction to martyr themselves. Maybe, if 'white working class' people are starting to move toward right wing politics, that's why. Perhaps Ratna is un-aware that there are 'white working class' people alive today who shat in a bucket and washed in a tub, failed their eleven plus then worked, who are now hearing about how un-happy Muslims are while being marginalised as they always have been and who now also, are able to draw comparisons between the support they're offered and that given to Muslims who are able to demand funding.
*) See Ratna Lachman's whiteworkingclassophobia on the Roundhall2010 website:

Bradford's response to the English Defence League
A Public Meeting:
Monday 28 February 9.30am-1pm

National Media Museum, Bradford

Has Bradford overcome the legacy of the 2001 riots?

Speakers include:

•Councillor Ian Greenwood, Leader of Bradford Council [Islam enabler who relies on the Muslim block vote]
•Chief Superintendent Alison Rose, Bradford South Divisional Commander, West Yorkshire Police [Islam enabler who relies on block Muslim support]
•Paul Meszaros, Hope Not Hate [Communist Party member and member of the Communist group Hope Not Hate]
•Wahida Shaffi, Bradford Women for Peace [Muslim]
•Ashiq Hussain, We are Bradford [a far-left group] [Muslim]
•Dusty Rhodes, Bradford Together [member of the far-left group JUST West Yorkshire]

This is an opportunity to see the documentary produced by JUST West Yorkshire [a Trotskyist and far-leftist 'rights' organisation], "The English Defence League in Bradford: When Hate Came to Town". The meeting will be chaired by Ratna Lachman. The event is free of charge but please register. Lunch will be provided.

For more information contact:

To reserve your place
Mike or Bal

Telephone: 01274 779003


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JUST West Yorkshire calls the 2001 Muslim Riots 'Northern Uprisings'! Can you believe it? It also says in the above that Muslims can never be guilty of anything - and this proves it.

I also - admittedly - guessed that it would be part of the Guantanamo Bay bandwagon. Then I checked the website above. And guess what? Assad Baig's (or whatever his name is) ugly mug smiled back at me. Send him to Egypt or Syria - where he'll really be tortured!

'We are Bradford' is also mentioned above. Someone has pointed out that its main number is a London number. So much for 'EDL outsiders'.

Remember this name - Ratna Lachman

She gets about:

JUST West Yorkshire, We are Bradford, SWP, UAF, conferences on the Other and Othericity, Community Cohesion, Embracing Diversity... talk about a leftist entrepreneur! Jobsworth in flesh.

Fight the Revolution through human rights groups, Hope Not Hate, JUST West Yorkshire, pop concerts, UAF... anything. Whatever it takes to radically change our country. To make it unrecognisable. Actual - violent- revolution is no longer really on the plate. Thus the 'culture wars' continue. And these people seem to be winning!

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