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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Rabbi Nachum Shifren - EDL Nottingham Divisional Meet 07/02/11

The Rabbi Nachum Shifren defends ... not Jews, not Americans, not even the English, but the West - that great amalgamation of Judaism, Christianity and secular thought.

That's how extreme and important this battle against Islamification is. We are all up against the wall. We have had over a hundred years of philosophical and political diatribes against the West, but now the West is really in danger.

The EDL knows where its loyalties lie. No surrender. Not ever. We will fight until the end - whatever that end may be.

(I think that it's the EDL's Tony Curtis who introduces the Rabbi. And, despite the title in the YouTube site, it also appears to be Luton, not Nottingham. Send a 'comment' if this is wrong.)


  1. Grreat video! The Rabbi says "thank you everyone from Nottingham"

  2. Yes it was nottingham with the Nottingham Division - tony Curtis opens and also theirs a few words from Craif Leicester and Jay Nottingham, a image is used in the title from luton demo so i guess thats weher your getting mixed up