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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

One Lobby You've Probably Never Heard About - the Palestine Lobby

What, exactly, is the ‘Jewish lobby’ (‘Israel/i lobby’?) - which so many leftists go on about like it's some kind of mantra? Does it really exist in any way that is substantially different to the ‘black lobby’ or the ‘gay lobby’ or even the ‘green lobby’? What about the hugely powerful ‘Muslim lobby’ in the United Nations? That is, what about the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) which is the second biggest institution in the UN? (Why is there no Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Jewish ‘conference’ in the UN?) Guess what, it repeatedly asks the UN to ‘discuss’ Israel. And guess what again, the UN does repeatedly discuss Israel. All at the expense of discussing the Sudan, which it is happy with, or even the situation in Tibet, which it just about ignores because the Tibetans haven’t produced any suicide bombers or terrorists to blackmail us with and it is afraid of China.

Why didn’t Leftists ever look at what happened in the Sudan with the Jihad there against the Christians and animists of the south, in which over two millions have died in ten years or so? Why don’t they look to Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines and indeed Palestine, in which Christians and other non-Islamic believers are persecuted every day? What about the Jihad against Buddhists in southern Thailand which has already claimed more lives than the events in Palestine?

I hate to say it, but has this got something to do with fashion? That is, it is taken as a given that if you are a lefty that you must rant on and on about Israel and its so-called ‘genocide’ or ‘holocaust’ against the Palestinians… Some Holocaust! Less than six thousand Palestinians have been killed, mainly unintentionally, in the last ten years. Six million Jews were deliberately murdered in about six years in Europe.

What have so many people (left-wingers) got their heads in a vice with their eyes always pointing at Israel and Palestine? This is simply carrying on our long and inglorious tradition of anti-Semitism, which, it seems, has now been taken over by the far left.

No; criticising Israel is not anti-Semitic! Singling Israel and the Israelis out for biased and special criticism is.


  1. Just thought you would be interested in this. At end is list of ALL Mozlem lobby groups, all linked to Hamas or other terror orgs!!
    Islamic Society of North America
    American Society of Muslims
    Islamic Circle of North America
    Islamic Supreme Council of America
    Islamic Assembly of North America
    Muslim Students' Association
    Islamic Information Center
    Council on American-Islamic Relations
    And on it goes!!

  2. PS, check out the size of this:Islamic Center of America, Dearborn, Michigan!!