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Friday, 25 February 2011

New EDL Deeside Division

Comments on the Flintshire Chronicle news item, 'Facebook page for ‘Deeside division’ of English Defence League slammed', Feb 24 2011, by Mark Dowling. [EDL Extra comments are in red.]

A FACEBOOK group has been set up for the ‘Deeside division’ of the far-right English Defence League.

The online group – which has about 120 members – was created in the aftermath of last month’s EDL protest in Shotton town centre over a proposal to turn the former social club into an Islamic culture centre.

On the homepage the site administrator – the person who set up the group – says the EDL Deeside Division’s mission is to ‘stop the Islamification of Great Britain’.

But it has been slammed by the North Wales Race Equality Network. [Again and again and again we have to say it. This has nothing whatsoever to do with race. But these people – the Race Equality Network - will want to keep themselves in jobs and their salaries high. Thus ‘Islamophobia’ has been a godsend to these people with their Leftist pseudo-fusion of religion and race.]

A spokesman for the group said:

“There are about 200 Muslims out of a population of 149,000 in Flintshire, or about 0.13%, and just 3% in Great Britain. [No one in the EDL has ever said that the - complete! - Islamification of the UK will be achieved today or even next month! It may well be within twenty or thirty years. Who knows? We aren't futurologists. And neither are the ‘anti-racists’. However, these people seem blissfully unaware of the damage minorities can do to states and nations. For example, there were only tens of thousands of activist Nazis in 1920s and early 1930s Germany. Think what they achieved. And what about the massive damage tiny Trot groups like the SWP and UAF do? Minorities have always run the show, historically speaking.

The other thing the Leftists conveniently overlook is the Islamic time bomb. Muslims are breeding at up to five levels higher than non-Muslims. Do the maths yourself. So I would advise awareness, not complacency.]

“This group is really pursuing something that is a red herring, because the notion Great Britain, let alone Deeside, is to become a Muslim country is just plain stupid.” [Again, a tiny group of Normans effectively took over Anglo-Saxon Britain.]

The page states: “We are the Deeside division of the English Defence League.

“Why English Defence league and not Cymru Defence league? Well to be honest we chose this because of the success of the EDL protest in Shotton.

“Also there is a large amount of English people that live in Deeside.

“Nothing taken away from the Cymru Defence League, we are all brothers fighting the same cause.

“We are not racist, Islam is a religion not a race!” [Islam is a race if UAF/SWP and the 2006 ‘Hate legislation’ want it to be! If that works politically.]

The launch of the group has also angered Unite Against Fascism national officer Martin Smith, who said the contents of similar EDL pages usually showed racist comments. [Why do these regional newspapers quote Martin Smith so much? He is an extremist far-leftist revolutionary, with a history of violence and convictions for violence. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Talk about the hypocritical double standards of regional journalists. Then again, most regional journos are pretty thick. So maybe that’s their excuse.]

He added: “Where the EDL tries to claim it is not a racist organisation on groups such as these, you only have to look on the pages to see they are full of racist-type material.[Anyone can post on the EDL’s FaceBook page. Anyone! And even if racist posts are deleted, which they are, it will still take some time to delete them.

Have you ever seen the violent and hateful stuff on UAF/SWP and Islamist websites and FaceBook pages? Perhaps you should take a look. See the pictures of violence towards the police and the glorification of student and other riots!]

Plans for the Muslim centre provoked strong protests and about 100 members of the EDL marched through the streets of Shotton to voice their opposition.

The BNP also co-ordinated a leaflet campaign against the proposals.

The social club, which has been closed since August, was destroyed by arsonists earlier this month, and a police investigation is ongoing.

Flintshire Muslim Cultural Society (FMCS), the group behind the plans, says it will look for an alternative venue.

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