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Monday, 14 February 2011

Muslims are Tearing Luton Apart

- By the EDL's HOlloman

I think the EDL have every right to stand up and voice there views because a lot of people were waiting for an organization that they can belong to.... I do believe that there is good and bad in every race and that not every Muslim is an extremist. But I want to make a valid point for those who are against the EDL and for those who protest ‘peace’ for the MDL... You have not seen the EDL use suicide tactics in the name of Allah to put their views across does that not make you all question what the hell Islam is about.

In British society women are respected. We don’t have to walk 10 paces behind our husbands when walking down the street. I’m not saying that every Muslim couple does this but I come from Luton and I see this regularly. We, as British people, do not have to sit in the back of a car while our husbands drive. And we defiantly do not have to cover up and wear burkha. This is disgusting in a British society that we can allow this to happen.

Like I said, I come form Luton and have lived in Luton all my life and Luton is massively divided by Islam. I have had friends who have dated Muslim guys who have treated them with the utmost disrespect. I would not have treated an animal that way. Controlled and beaten, forced to do sexual positions and forced to do oral sex with no consent and just shown of as a trophy on their arm, Muslim men do not have respect for women. But yet it seems to be ok in British society because it’s part of their religion.

In Luton every year Christmas lights are shown within the town centre because it is a festive season we British people celebrate and have celebrated for years - but we have had complaints from the Islam community that they find it offensive to walk through THEIR local town with these celebrations going on because they do not celebrate Christmas within their religion. How dare they come to this – it is our town and if you don’t like the ways our society is being led then maybe you should think about going back to their home country where all of their beliefs can be acknowledged. It is so easy to come to this country not speaking a word of English and living of the state and that is where we go wrong.

Things need to change. Islam is not the way forward for British society. British people and I am not saying that they are not welcome in this country because we have for many, many years been a multicultural country - before anyone jumps on the bandwagon and starts to say that I am a ‘racist’ - I am not! I am a white British woman with a Indian partner of 4 years and gorgeous little boy. But I am scared for when my child grows up in this society as to what else is going to happen and change within the future.


  1. ok the first flaw in your story... it's based on your experience... you are one person in a town of 250,000 people... where are the facts, the statistics or the evidence to back your claims? Muslims have been in Luton for forty years and you're jumping on the anti-muslim bandwagon after a couple of anti war/poppy burning idiots thought they were doing something clever?

    About what rules muslims have between their own society, what on earth has it got to do with you? I mean you say that we in the west treat women better? Well have a look in FHM, Zoo and Maxim and you tell me of gawping at semi nude women is the way you would like your mother or sister to be treated like?

    I accept that every society and culture has its problems no group of people are perfect. But when one group starts to look down arrogantly at another as you are to muslims, tell me how are we better than them? have you seen how many people have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of our country?

  2. Your article has no valid points since i am from luton as well. I live in a muslim populated area (dallow road).

    I have seen many nice people of all faiths you aren't describing the majority of muslims but the small hand full.

    If you are picturing Islam with these people don't. You have no idea what islam is. "what the hell Islam is about" you need to find out what is written in the Quran worby word not small verses.

    Once this has been done you then will understand that walking 10 paces behing your husband isn't in there. Also i have only once seen this done and all muslims were finding this stupid in bury park.

    You have only one side of the argument you need both to make a unbiased decision.

    My name is Ghulam
    aged 18 and am proud of being a muslim.
    Just like yoyu take pride in calling yourself a christian, athiest etc.

    Everybody believes their religion is the real deal or it wouldn't really be faith.

    I hope this teaches you to research before commenting and peace be upon you and evrybody out ther.