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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Liar and anti-Semite Lowkey gets a new Stage!


- From the Juniper in the Desert blog

According to the PCS website for spreading blood-libels and lies against Jews and Israel, "The musician and poet, Lowkey, a PSC patron, said people must never be made to feel ashamed for opposing Zionism, adding: ‘Zionism isn't about self-determination. Zionism is about colonialism, imperialism and ethnic cleansing.'

Lowkey is half Iraqi , and considers himself an expert on things "Zionist" I do not think he even knows what the word means: he just heard it one day and copied it, like all infantile and retarded vicious fascists!

He is a "poet" in the same way Benjamin Zephaniah is a "poet": a politically correct (and insulting to real ones!) tokenist construct. He is a musician in that he cannot sing or make music, but he can chant over an electronic back-beat.

"South Africans didn't oppose Apartheid because they hated white Europeans, - how does he know? And the French Resistance didn't resist because they hated Germans, he pointed out." How does he know that?

"People opposed imperialism because they refused to live in humiliation and they wanted to live with dignity. How much longer do we really expect the Palestinian people to daily live with humiliation? How much longer do we expect them to live in degradation and subjugation?'"

Let us look at "colonialism" first:

The mozlem East in the first half of the 13th century:

Here is a series of maps, showing how izlam spread, colonising countries where Jews, Zoroastrians, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and animists lived:

The start of izlam,in the 6th century in a small part of what is now Arabia.

This is the mozlem empire in the 9th century, showing the countries they have colonised:

The map above was made in 1919, for T E Lawrence's The Seven Pillars of Wisdom:

In the map made in 1919, the tribe of the Sauds, the Wahabis, can be seen taking up a smallish section of the whole Arabian peninsula. Whereas, in the next map, showing the creep of izlamic colonisation in the Middle East.

This continues into Egypt, Syria, Turkey which were Christian countries before mozlems colonized them, and Afghanistan, which was Buddhist before mozlems colonised it, and Iran, which was Zoroastrian Persia before it was colonised by mozlems and India, which was Hindu before mozlems invaded it.

And actually, Jews and Christians and Zoroastrians and animists lived peacefully in what is now Saudi Arabia, before Mohammed declared war on the Jews and Christians. He declared war because the Jews refused to adopt his psychotic perverted version of the Torah. So he started by murdereing the Jewish tribe of the Bani Kurayza who lived near Medina. Which was a Jewish city.

Now let us talk of those who live in degradation and subjugation: mozlems and Christians who live in mozlem-colonized countries:

Ashura "celebrations" (above) in shia mozlem places:

Iran (above):

More can be seen here:

Here is some references to the truth about mozlem aggression!-

Lowkey's song for the philistines!

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