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Friday, 4 February 2011

Leftist Snobs Against the EDL Demo in Luton

Luton is another opportunity for the EDL to show England, and the rest of the world, what we think about Islamism and the Islamification of the UK. More importantly, it will show the Leftist and left-liberal Establishment, in the universities, the BBC, councils, etc., that although they may despise the English working class, these elitists and snobs are not going to silence the EDL.

Most Lutonians will be glad to see the EDL in their town. But not Luton's Anglican ministers, Methodist leaders and the rest of those Interfaithing religionists who live off those interfaith meetings which are supposed to show that there are indeed many spontaneous interfaith happenings. And, of course, Guardian readers hate the smell of the working class – everyone knows that.

Yes, we have had good support everywhere we have been, from Dudley to Newcastle. This will be a surprise to those who have been fed the brainless anti-EDL propaganda which comes from naïve regional journalists and others.

Luton’s self-appointed spokespeople, just as was the case with all the other EDL demos, have tried to convince everyone that everything is hunky dory in Luton’s garden of multiculturalism. But the idea behind this is this: multicultural harmony will be brought about by these positive noises and claims about multiculturalism. That is, the more the Luton press, councillors and interfaithers say there is a multicultural heaven in Luton, the better the chances there are of that harmony being brought about.

And has anyone noticed the sheer snobbery and elitism of all those leftists and liberals who slag off the EDL? From snooty remarks about ‘chavs’ and ‘knuckle-draggers’ in Indymedia to the sheer snobbery of leftist students. This antipathy is primarily aimed at the working class taking its destiny in its own hands. This cannot fail to annoy all those elites and vanguards who have traditionally wanted to control the working class.

They pretend it just the EDL they are snobbish about. You soon realise that these Guardianistas and socialist 'workers' are really talking about the working class as a whole. After all, there are 67,000 or more members of the EDL – plus many more passive supporters. Is it an absolute disgrace - this patronising attitude these elites have towards so many working class people. In the old days, we knew the Fabians, the Trots and the Commies really hated the working class deep down. Now, at last, these former vanguards do not even attempt to disguise their deep hatred and snobbery towards the English working class. They have given up on the working class and are now putting their interfering oars in the waters of Islam and Islamism. But Muslims, in the future, won’t give them what they want.

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