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Monday, 7 February 2011


7th February 2011, by Jerry Lawton, from the Daily Star

A DAD saved his 16-year-old daughter from a Muslim sex gang after a car chase with the rape mob’s ringleader.

The college lecturer took the law into his own hands after seeing the teen turn from a straight-A student into a sullen, moody runaway.

She changed after falling into the clutches of mainly Brit-born Pakistanis who plied her with vodka spiked with the rave drug GHB and repeatedly raped her.

Her desperate dad confronted her close pal who gave him an address where the gang took girls.

He sped to the property in Burnley, Lancs, and kicked in the door. Inside there was another young girl with a Muslim man.

There was just a dirty mattress on the floor and a fridge stashed with GHB and vodka.

Realising his daughter was not there he went outside just as the gang’s ringleader pulled up with his daughter. As the dad ran to the car, the driver fled.

The lecturer finally cornered the pair back at the house and called police. But a week later they said there was “nothing we can do”.

They said the girl was above the age of consent and it would be her word against the gang members.

The dad, who praised former Home Secretary Jack Straw, 64, for revealing the menace of Muslim sex gangs, said: “Mr Straw was right when he said they saw white girls as easy meat. They tried to eat my girl. There were 10 bite marks on her body.

“If the Government does not wish to see this situation become any worse we need to fix it now or the people will.”

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  1. College lecturer? Guardian reader? Politically correct merchant? Lefty?
    Too bad, but it's the only way they will learn. After all, he probably told his daughter that mozlems are great and no different to anyone else!