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Sunday, 27 February 2011

EDL Statement - Bill Baker and the English Nationalist Alliance [ENA]

- By the EDL, 27.Feb. 2011

Yesterday we published a statement regarding Bill Baker and the English Nationalist Alliance (ENA).

Despite claims to the contrary, this statement was made with the full approval of both Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll.

The English Defence League is keen to cooperate with any organisations or individuals that share our goals, but we must always be vigilant to ensure that our cause is not hijacked by extremists.

We protect ourselves against this danger not only by expelling anyone who would use the EDL to promote their own brand of extremism, but by challenging those who would make alliances with organisations or individuals that we regard as dangerous.

The English Defence League will continue to be an inclusive organisation that is accepting of people with views from across the political spectrum, but if we are to continue to attract supporters (which we must if we are ever to defeat radical Islam), then we cannot allow groups such as the ENA to claim to be representing our views.

Our views may be similar, but the ENA have their own distinctive agenda, which goes far beyond protesting against radical and militant Islam.

Bill Baker has persistency failed to cooperate with the EDL leadership. His involvement risks diluting the message that Tommy and others have spent so much time and effort developing and communicating to the British public.

We do not like having to name individuals, but we were very much forced into distancing ourselves from Bill Baker of the ENA.

Individual members of the ENA are more than welcome to support EDL demonstrations should they wish. But we cannot have leading members of the ENA taking it upon themselves to speak (or make alliances) on our behalf.

This is not an unreasonable request, but it is one that has not been heeded. That is why we have been forced to exclude Bill Baker from future EDL events.

We would hope that both our organisations could find a way to operate that most effectively builds support for our shared cause.

Continually airing our grievances in public will help no one – it will only encourage those who want to see us divided, and our cause defeated.

Bill Baker has chosen for his name and face to be in the public domain. Many members of the EDL Support Group have not.

We understand that in an act of vengeful, self-defeating, idiocy, Bill Baker has begun revealing the names of those who would otherwise wish to remain anonymous (and, we should mention, not always getting it right!).

Childish behaviour like this does not help anyone. Many of these people invest a great amount of their time working to voice the concerns of their fellow Brits, and attempting to sabotage their efforts is hardly a noble and patriotic course of action.

These threats only serve to justify our previous statement.

We must stand united against the threat posed by radical Islam, and against those who fail to recognise that we are a symptom of Islamic extremism, not a cause.

This means that we cannot cooperate with individuals who would foolishly and selfishly risk the future of the EDL. Disagreements are unavoidable. But when they spill out into the public sphere, and threaten to do damage to our cause, then we are forced to take action.

Hopefully this will mark the end of this unpleasant episode.

No Surrender,
Tommy Robinson & Kevin Carroll.

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    How nicely you present yourselves. Its almost as if you have Establishment training - but then, of course, you are the bootboys of the Establishment! No Surrender? So you hate Catholics as well as Muslims? So what would you say to an Irish Defence League? Oh there is one - its called Sinn Fein, and you hate them. You are hypocrites and simpletons.