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Thursday, 24 February 2011

EDL Events of 2011

- By the EDL's aston_p

As some of you probably know, I often like to do a bit of compiling of stuff so I can go to it in a debate and have the facts there. So today I decided just to collate all the events we've had this year just to give a picture of what we're actually like on demo day….

Past Events

23rd February
Belmarsh magistrates. Poppy burners court case.
Turnout of 60/70 EDL. No trouble. 0 arrests. EDL Forum link for all stories of the day and other links

21st February
Barnsley. Opposing a UAF rabble.
Turnout of 60+ EDL. No trouble. 0 arrests. No trouble and 0 arrests. God knows where the title came from. No police and 15 UAF? Think we may have done something if we were intent on disorder. EDL Forum link for all other news and pics of the day.

12th February
Dagenham. Protesting against a planned Islamic centre that locals DO NOT want.
100 EDL. No trouble. 0 arrests.

Exeter. Ban the Burkha (EDL supported event)
30 people (majority EDL). No trouble. 0 arrests.

5th February
Luton. National Demonstration
5,000 EDL. No violence. 8 arrests on the day (no explanation as to what group the arrests came from, but videos of ‘anti‘-fascists attacking people and breaking police lines leaves nothing to be explained) EDL crowd video, huge noise. Public video, huge numbers. UAF, all 60 of them. EDL Forum link for all other pics/videos/ news.

29th January.
Derby Flash Protest
80+ EDL. No trouble. 0 arrests. Forum link to news and videos

Dewsbury Flash Protest
100+EDL. No trouble. 1 arrest (possession of cannabis on a train EDL were on. Not known if EDL)

22nd January
Leicester Flash Protest
60+EDL. No trouble. 0 arrests.! Protest against these ‘people’ Forum link

Shotton (Wales):
Protest against planned Islamic centre that locals DO NOT WANT.
200 EDL. No trouble. 0 arrests.

14th January
Old Bailey - Poppy burners court case
100+ EDL No trouble. 0 arrests.

13th January
Reading court in support of the EDL supporter arrested for offending Muslims with an England flag.
30 EDL. No trouble. 0 arrests.

12th January
London – Tommy’s court case dropped part
100+ EDL. Minor trouble when local Muslim youths tried to start a fight and steal an EDL, but police on hand. 0 arrests.

8th January
Bletchley - protest against planned mosque (EDL supported event)
70+ (good number of EDL). No trouble. 0 arrests.

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