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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

EDL Birmingham Protest, 19th March 2011

To many EDL, Birmingham is where it all began. At first there was the June/July 2009 demo, with only a hundred or so EDL outside the town hall. Then the August demo when Salma Yaqoob egged on violent Muslims to riot and hurt native non-Muslim Brummies. Finally, the September demo when the EDL was kettled-in a Birmingham pub in the city centre.

There are so many Brummies who are fighting Islamism and political correctness, as well as Trotskyist nihilists, in order to get our country back. We will win. And the Left knows that we will win. That's why they call us 'racist' or 'fascist' - they are utterly desperate. Our time has come. The Left will die - if that corpse was ever truly alive.


  1. Yes lets get the pork steaks(!)out for the islamo-fascist vampires in Brum!!


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