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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Ealing Gazette has proved that every Sikh in the UK is against the EDL

According to the Ealing Gazette, Sikhs from Southall made ‘a triumphant stand against the far-right English Defence League in Luton’ during the EDL Luton demo.

The political bias of this piece of regional journalese is unbelievable. The ‘reporter’ doesn’t even attempt to be objective or unbiased. It’s certainly not Teletext. And why shouldn’t he be biased? He’s fighting against the evil Nazis of the EDL, after all. No one will begrudge him his over-the-top Unite Against Fascism/Socialist Workers Party rhetoric.

In any case, I could only count four Sikhs in the photos the Ealing Gazette supplied. So shouldn’t that be: A Tiny Minority of Sikhs Against the EDL -? Very ‘triumphant’!

And when the writer says ‘religious groups’ do he really mean interfaith groups? There’s a big difference between the two. The interfaith movement exists almost solely to prove to everyone else that all faiths can, well, inter. That is just about the whole point of interfaith ideology – 'comparative analyses' of religions are certainly secondary.

Despite everything, clearly the Ealing Gazette has no problems with all extremists – that is, it has no problem with the extreme-left as it is embodied in Unite Against Fascism (UAF). So is that: Extreme Right – bad: Extreme left – good? It seems so. The naiveté these regional journalists display to all things extreme left or Trotskyist is embarrassing. Unless, of course, they openly have no problems with extreme left politics.

I can assure these Sikhs that Muslims do not repay their sense of brotherhood. It is absolutely certain that no Muslim will see a Sikh, or a Hindu, or a Jew, or a Christian, or an anything-non-Muslim, as a ‘brother’ or ‘sister’. Have these Sikhs ever actually read the Koran? So why are so many Sikhs, and other non-Muslims, so keen on political suicide? Is that political masochism writ large?

So, yes, all this Ealing Gazette anti-EDL bullshit might work if the EDL’s position were actually ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’. But it’s not. That complicates things a little, doesn’t it?


The Ealing Gazette's 'Southall Sikhs join protest against English Defence League', Feb 11 2011

SIKHS from Southall made a triumphant stand against the far-right English Defence League in Luton on Saturday.

They joined other religious groups from across west London to stage a counter-protest as the EDL held its demonstration in the town centre.

Playing the dhol, a Punjabi war drum, they carried a banner that read: "Sikhs Against the English Defence League - Fighting Intolerance since 1699", a reference to the establishment of martial Sikhism by the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

The group United Against Fascism helped organise the protest. Balwinder Singh Rana, a Southall resident and spokesman for UAF said: "We came from Southall to join our Muslim brothers and sisters in Luton to help them defend their community.

"The atmosphere there was fantastic. We were playing the dhol and singing and chanting. We were surrounded on all sides by applause.

"Southall has a proud history of standing up to racists and fascists. We had the same problems in the 70s that the people of Luton face today.

"The police kept us separated from the EDL so we were in no danger but I believe some Muslims in Luton had their windows smashed later that day."

Salvinder Singh Dhillon of the Indian Workers Association, who also lives in Southall, was at the rally.

He said: "The poison of racism serves to divide people and weaken their common struggles against the attacks by the state on their liveli-hood, against imposition of tuition fees, and the pending massive spending cuts in social services, health and education."

Mr Rana said UAF is planning another counter-protest to coincide with the EDL's next demonstration in Birmingham on March 19.

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  1. Well you counted one more than I did, but they had a big banner lol

    I suspect we had more Sikhs than they did :-D