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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Bedford’s EDL in Luton

Wed Feb 09, from Bedford Today

PROTESTERS travelled from Bedford to attend the controversial English Defence League (EDL) rally in Luton on Saturday.

Thousands of EDL members from all over the country marched through Luton, there was also a counter protest from Unite Against Facism.

The combined protests cost Bedfordshire Police around £800,000 to supervise.

EDL members were protesting against what they see as extreme Islamic views in Britain.

Michael Bryce of Mile Road, Bedford, said: “We wanted to come here today to show our support for the EDL.

“It is not all muslims we are against or all foreigners it is fanatical Islam we are protesting about.

“In the EDL we have jews, gays, anyone, so we are not racist.

“The Government make us out to be some extreme racist group, but that is not what we are, we are just portrayed that way.”

He added: “We feel strongly that people should not be allowed to come to our country and blow up our towns, that is the extremism we are fighting.

“Somebody has to do something because the Government is just letting anybody in at the moment.

And John Davis of Sandy said he was hoping to set up a division of the EDL in Bedford. He said: “We want to set up a Bedford division, I think there are enough people in Bedford who would want to join. Our kids go to school and almost all the other children speak different languages.”

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