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Monday, 31 January 2011

Why I support the EDL!

- By Sid, from the British Freedom and Independence blog

With the growing threat of Islamic fundamentalism in this country and the Islamic colonisation of our towns and cities, I welcome the street protests from the English Defence League.
The EDL was formed in Luton back in March 2009 as a result of the Islamic group Al-Muhajiroun protesting against the Royal Anglian Regiment returning from the Afghan war.
Isn’t it about time a group of patriotic citizens had the courage to stand up for what is right?! Many of us will moan about the threat from Islam and will busily punch away on a keyboard adding rants to the various online forums, but how many of us are willing to stand up and be counted? It would be great if we could make a difference on election day and everyone voted for one of the smaller minority parties that would put an end to mass immigration and get tough with Islamic extremists. But let's be honest - that is very unlikely to happen any time soon. As we all know with our First Past the Post corrupt voting system, only the three main parties ever get a look in. The ruling elite will never give us a fairer voting system like Proportional Representation because that would mean giving us more of a say. It would mean smaller patriotic parties like UKIP or even the BNP getting representation in parliament. Can you honestly believe the old gang will allow outsiders to join their cosy country club? It will never happen.

Guramit Singh addresses an EDL rally:

So what's left for us? What choice do we have to make our voices heard? I’m afraid taking to the streets is all we have left. The corrupt old parties never listen. They ignore the problems. They are immune to all the crap Mr & Mrs Joe average have to put up with on a daily basis. They refuse to get tough on Islamic extremism, They allow sharia law courts to operate a parallel law system in the UK. Our weak planning laws allow the building of huge mosques in our towns and cities. The huge mosques and minarets tower over our Christian churches as a blatant act of Islamic domination. Muslim schools brainwash kids to hate Jews and Christians. They tell them Western culture is decadent and evil. Enforced marriages are practised in towns like Bradford where young girls are shipped off to Pakistan to marry some dirty old man from a village she has no connection with. Muslim extremists protest against our troops, shouting insults at them, burning our flag and poppies yet the police protect them. The Islamists have now infiltrated our main political parties and gerrymandering is now rife in Islamic communities. Many plan for the day when Islam will take over Britain once and for all. That is the long term goal for every devote follower of Islam - to turn Britain into an Islamic Republic. If you think this premonition is far fetched then you better think again! Just take a look at the countries around the world where Islam has got a foothold trouble always follows. The Islamic invasion is not being won by the sword this time it is the birth rate. That is how they will establish a foothold in this country. Mohammed is now the most popular boys name for new-born babies in England today. A wake up call we should pay attention to. The Muslim population has now gone over the three million mark due of course to Labour’s deliberate open-door immigration policy. This blatant colonisation has caused white flight in many of these towns. Non-Muslims find it far too dangerous to venture out after dark in these no go areas.

The Californian Rabbi Shifren speaking at an EDL rally in London:
So I say all power to the EDL and long may the protests continue until somebody in power sits up and takes notice.

Many people accuse the EDL of deliberately whipping up hatred and causing trouble. This is nonsense and blatant lies put about by the far left. The EDL is not racist. It welcomes people to join their protests from all races and religions. One of there main spokesmen is Guramit Singh - a Sikh. And Rabbi Shifren, from California, was recently invited to speak at an EDL rally held in London .So to claim the EDL is racist and Nazi is just complete ill-informed rubbish.

Every time the EDL protest the usual rabble from the far left turn up to cause trouble and stir up young Muslims. These low lives, usually from Unite Against Fascism, go out of there way to organise violence and incite people to riot. How a group can call itself ‘Unite Against Fascism’ and support a medieval cult that oppresses woman, incites violence against Jews and Christians, puts gay people to death and prohibits free speech and the rights of the individual is totally beyond comprehension. Wasn’t it Winston Churchill that said "The anti- fascist now is the fascist of the future!"

An assorted rabble of far left scumbags that manifest themselves at every EDL rally:

Many EDL members choose to cover their faces while protesting. Some accuse them of looking like paramilitaries. I don't blame them for covering their faces. Would you want your face plastered over some far-left website like Searchlight? I know I wouldn't.

Some people don't like the fact that many EDL members are recruited from football firms. "Oh there just soccer hooligans" is the cry from the chattering classes. If you were on a demonstration and were met by a screaming mob of lefties baying for blood, who would you want by your side? A street tough or some middle class bespectacled Tory type? I know who I'd want by my side.

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