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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Who Represents the English?

- By the EDL's Robert Webster

Please take a minute to read what I think is a quite crucial and salient issue which the EDL upholds.

My thoughts concern sovereignty.

Britain's 'sovereignty'. The UK prides itself on the idea of parliamentry sovereignty, where power is exercised on behalf of the people by their elected representative body. But what many come to ask is: Who represents us? Who is working on behalf of the people for the people?

If NATIONAL sovereighty were to be claimed instead, it would be clear to us all that internal sovereignty seems to be lost.

Can we not all here agree that our nation does not have complete control over all individuals within its frontiers in all its territories?

The government needs to wake up. And I deeply hope the EDL is around to defend Britain when the numpties completely fail.

No Surrender!

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