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Monday, 24 January 2011

We Must Destroy the Murderous EDL!

When are these Islamophobes gonna stop killing people and blowing things up? I’m sick of the EDL with its relentless campaign of terrorism and murder. I’m sick of Islamophobe sympathisers at dinner parties and on Question Time excusing the murderous actions of the EDL and explaining its crimes in terms of unemployment and media brainwashing.

There is no excuse for what the EDL does. It kills Muslim because it is a racist and fascist group. When it bombed four mosques in the Tower Hamlets, it did so out of pure hate and doctrinal fascism. It is about time we stopped excusing and rationalising the EDL’s action and dealt with them accordingly.

What we need to do to understand the EDL is think of them in and on their own terms, not in terms of some professor at the London School of Economics.

Let’s destroy this fascist death cult once and for all.

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