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Saturday, 22 January 2011



Thursday, 20 January 2011, from Christian Voice UK

Baroness Warsi, the Conservative Party Chairman, is giving a speech in Leicester tonight in which she will complain that prejudice against Muslims has 'Passed the dinner-table test.'

In an pre-speech interview on BBC, she expanded her view, saying 'It has become acceptable around dinner to have these conversations where anti-Mulsim hatred and bigotry is openly discussed.'

She was not trying to control what is said in homes around the land (of course not) but 'drawing a line as to the state of anti-Muslim bigotry in Britain today.' Let me try to understand the distinction ... no, failed.

How any of us deal with such dinner-table discussions is a matter 'of the people you wish to have dinner with', said the Baroness.

How terribly upper-middle-class. Baroness Warsi is of that stratum in society which feels put out if it has not recently been to dinner with Nigela or the local Deputy Lieutenant.
Those of us with sympathies for the nation of Israel, or simply anyone who reads the news, will raise more than an eyebrow when Sayeeda Warsi wonders how we deal with what she describes as 'the rising tide of anti-semitism.' How ironic not to say hypocritical that she mentions anti-semitism when the bulk of that, world-wide, is coming from Muslims.

Of course the noble baroness is a Muslim herself so we have treat what she says with a degree of caution, bearing in mind the propensity of Muslims to use taqiyya in defending Islam. On top of that, she is a member of a political class which always wants to pretend that there is nothing wrong with the world (when their side is in power, of course).

In her speech, she is expected to say the description of Muslims as either moderate or extremist encourages false assumptions. Well we must agree there. Such a distinction is for all practical purposes meaningless. After all, are the Muslims persecuting their Christian neighbours in Pakistan, or those who send bricks through the windows of converts in this land, or those who celebrated when the Twin Towers came down, or those who insist on halal meat moderate or extreme?

The BBC interviewer suggested that we can't really separate Criminal behaviour from religion.
Baroness Warsi replied, 'Sadly one of the concerns that has been raised (she must mean by Muslims - SG) as I travel around the country is that somehow because there are a minority of people who commit criminal acts who come from the faith of Islam, that that somehow means that it is fair game to have a go at the community as a whole and I think it is about unpacking that and clearly showing that anybody who becomes so extreme in their beliefs is somehow detached from the faith to which they belong.'

Can anyone show that? Is it remotely true? Those Muslims who commit acts of terrorism or who rape non-Muslim girls would say they are simply following the example of their prophet. They would deny they are detached from their faith. They would say they are fully integrated with it. And listen to those (moderate?) Muslim leaders whom the Muslim Council of Britain wheel out on chat shows constantly qualifying their guarded denunciations of terrorism.
Or just watch some of the excellent programmes about subversive Muslim activities on Channel 4 or BBC2. Dispatches, Channel 4 news, BBC2 Newsnight and Panorama spring to mind.
Apparently it is 'all about trying to unpack this debate in a reasoned way', so why can we not have a reasoned debate over how we stem Islamic aggression in our nation?

On the recording you will hear Warsi admit that the the Muslims 'community is not entirely at ease with their country' which is putting it mildly. Muslims despise our decadent society, they have no concept of democracy, and they regard our nation as Dar al Harb, or a House of War. And seeing non-Islamic societies as Dar-al-Harb is dare we say moderate Muslim theology.
The English Defence League are holding a rally in Luton on Saturday 6th February. They seem to be a reasonable working-class movement alarmed at the drug-dealing, violence and intimidation wreaked by Muslims in their communities, activities which a politically-correct police force terrified of offending the Baroness Warsis and Teresa Mays of this world allow to carry on. It is hard not to have sympathy with them.

Finally, any invitations to dinner to discuss how to combat creeping Islamification will be very welcome!

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