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Friday, 21 January 2011

Statement by Bishop Nazir-Ali on Baroness Warsi's 'Islophobia' statement


Statement from Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali regarding comments by Baroness Warsi about prejudice towards Muslims in the UK - 20.1.11

‘Diversity cannot be mere diversity. It must be consistent with the best of British values, such as human dignity, freedom and equality, which derive from the Judaeo-Christian tradition of the Bible.

‘I know from personal experience that extremism as a mind-set is spreading throughout the Muslim world. We do not want it to spread here through the teaching of hate and the radicalisation of the young.

‘That is why we must distinguish between those Muslims who want to live peacefully with their non-Muslim neighbours and those who wish to introduce Shari’a into this country, restrict freedom of speech and confine women to their homes, not to speak of introducing draconian punishments such as death for blasphemy recently awarded to a poor Christian woman in Pakistan.

‘If relations are to improve between Muslims and other people in the world, these are the kind of issues that must be tackled.’

Michael Nazir-Ali

20 January 2011

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