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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Reality of Global Islam?

- Response (to video) by the EDL's Fritz

Martin J Willett talks intelligently, but gives himself away by the classic Leftist/Muslim tactic of avoiding mentioning the global nature of Islam's attempted disruption of non-muslim societies.

He does not take into account that the main-stream media no longer controls what we are allowed to hear. The figure of 200,000 Guardian readers is puny compared with the global reach of the Internet.

The facts are that there is a well financed (oil: trillions) centralized warehouse of hate that is globally co-ordinating attacks on any non-Muslim culture.

Yesterday it was Russia. The month before it was Stockholm. There are currently 42 conflicts around the world that involve Muslims trying to take over someone else's country.

Thanks to the internet we know that many people around the world are sick to the back teeth of this death cult.

The old political elite have just not responded.

The EDL's demos will bring the the attention of new potential political leaders in the UK to the problem

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