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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Only Palestinians Truly Bleed

We are always hearing Muslims - and many non-Muslim Islamophiles - complaining about this outrage or other against ‘our brothers’ abroad or at home. Despite that, Muslims, or even the Guardian, don’t talk much, or at all, about the churches being burned down and the Christians, qua Christians, being terrorised and killed in Sudan, Congo, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Somalia, the Philippines and so on. Why is that? Is it because most of these countries are Islamic countries and that all the outrages are carried out by Muslims on Christians? After all, the Guardian and other Islamophiles don’t want to upset the domestic Muslim community and ‘make matters worse’.
But matters are worse already for the Christians of Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon and the rest. What do we care the most about - the killing and terrorising of Christians, as Christians, in these Islamic countries or upsetting domestic Muslims (who are often easily upset anyway)? It seems that it is the latter for many Muslims, Islamophiles and apologists.

Lord Carey did once mention such unmentionables. What happened to him for doing so? He was given a harsh speaking-to by the canon of Leicester Cathedral. Carey himself wrote:
‘The following week I went to Leicester and the canon of Leicester Cathedral told me that I had done a great deal of damage because I had rattled the cage.’
I have noted the discrepancies between the responses to outrages against Christians in foreign countries and outrages against Muslims in foreign countries (and at home) even though I am not a Christian myself. In fact, I am not a great fan of any religion. Despite that, only the naïve student fool thinks that all religions are equally bad. Here I agree with what the former archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, had to say about the relation of Islam to other religions. He said that Islam stood in opposition to
‘practically every other religion – to Judaism in the Middle East; to Christianity in the West, in Nigeria, and in the Middle East; to Hinduism in India; to Buddhism, especially since the destruction of the Temples in Afghanistan.’ - ‘Christianity and Islam: Collision or Convergence?’ address by Lord Carey, Gregorian University Rome, 25th March, 2004

He also had this to say about ‘moderate’ Muslims and their attitude towards Muslim-on-Christian violence (and other such examples of Islamic violence and terror):
‘Sadly, apart from a few courageous examples, very few Muslim leaders condemn, clearly and unconditionally, the evil of the suicide bombers who kill innocent people. We need to hear outright condemnation of theologies that state that suicide bombers are ‘martyrs’ and enter a martyrs’ reward. We need to hear Muslims expressing their outrage and condemning such evil.’

Perhaps that is because that very ‘theology’ is Islam itself! And the book that fuels these outrages is the Koran itself. Of course it is easy to believe that Lord Carey knows this. But, like members of the Muslim Association of Britain (or Tariq Ramadan) who have to watch what they say to the infidel, so Carey needs to do the same when he is speaking to Muslims and the Islamophiles

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