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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The New Muslim Conquistadors

- By Roland Shirk, from Jihad Watch, Dec 31, 2010

The massive, catastrophic problem that is the presence of tens of millions of Muslims in Europe is finally dawning on the other citizens of that continent. Fitfully and unevenly, they are stirring themselves to find that they have invited a dangerous enemy into their home, who has no intention of leaving, or ceasing to act aggressively. Time will tell if this civilizational crisis will be solved by peaceful, lawful means, or the fate of Europe as a whole will mirror that of Kosovo--a province that as recently as 1900 was still majority Serbian and Christian. Indeed, with its ancient churches and monasteries, that region was the historic heart of the Serbian nation--the Balkan equivalent of Ile de France, Westminster, or Plymouth Rock.

Indeed, I think the real reason why NATO and the U.S. struck so hard at the Serbs in 1999 was to teach Europeans a lesson: When sharia comes, you will not be allowed to fight back. You are being displaced as the Serbs have been displaced. Attempt to resist, and this will be your fate. Of course, the real atrocities Serbs committed against Kosovar Muslims cannot be justified. Besides being evil, they were utterly futile; the battle for Kosovo had been fought decades before, and lost. The higher birthrate of Muslims was part of the story, but another part is too often forgotten: the role of the Communist Yugoslav government, which saw Serbian nationalism as a threat and sought to dilute it by purposely moving Muslims out of Albania and into Kosovo. (Read the melancholy story in Milica Bookman's The Demographic Struggle for Power--cogently reviewed here.)

Indeed, Bookman shows how manipulating demographic trends is frequently used by political elites to further their power. What we're seeing now in the alliance between leftist multiculturalist politicians and radicalized Muslims is the Kosovar strategy applied to a whole continent.

I used to think that this was the whole story: Europeans didn't want to clean their own toilets or have their own children, so they outsourced both tasks to hungry immigrants from impoverished Muslim countries--often their own former colonies. What enabled this staggering act of civic vandalism was a complex of factors: lingering guilt over colonial abuses, cultural indifferentism, a disdain for religion, and a lazy confidence in the power of aging, decadent societies to dissolve ancient traditions. And all of these factors are real. What I didn't know is that Islamic theology has since its beginnings considered mass migration a tool of conquest. That's the insight offered by Sam Solomon & Elias Al Maqdisi in their new book Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, which Henrik R. Clausen of Europe News reviews at length.

As Clausen writes, Solomon "derives his conclusions from Islamic scripture, the life of Muhammad in particular, and shows how historically immigration has slowly but steadily lead to formerly Jewish or Christian societies submitting to Islam. The primary example in the book is Muhammad's takeover of Yathrib, today known as Medina, and how the concepts and strategies developed for the conquest of a relatively insignificant Arab city are being duplicated by Islamic leaders worldwide, with the same goal: Expanding Islamic conquest ever further."

Clausen continues:

"The subversion against our societies is executed by relatively few immigrants. Most immigrants from Islamic countries do not come to the West in order tor transform free Western countries into semblances of the autocracies or theocracies they have fled from. They seek better living conditions, employment, a better future - but they do so without the intention to change their religion, and this is where things get complicated.

Retaining faith in Islam and Islamic scholars will lead the immigrants to tacitly support the subversive aims of Islamists who have also come to the West, initially as a relatively small fraction of millions of Islamic immigrants. These Islamic leaders and scholars use the Islamic teachings to destroy confidence in Western democracies, and they are astonishingly effective in achieving that aim."

Solomon cites a hadith that enjoins Muslims: "I charge you with five of what Allah has charged me with: to assemble, to listen, to obey, to immigrate and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah." This means, for Solomon, "So Hijra or migration is binding on all Muslims for numerous reasons; the most important being that migration is preparatory to jihad with an aim and objective of securing victory for Islam and Muslims either in another country or generally as a community."

The modern liberal mind loves to preen about its sensitivity to victim groups. Multiculturalists paint Islamic immigrants as apolitical refugees from poverty and squalor, whose desire for a better life in the West is being threatened by blinkered, intolerant xenophobes. That's a lovely story. It makes me want to go down the block to the mosque and give somebody a hug. Doing so would make me feel really tolerant, broad-minded, sophisticated and compassionate--unlike the grubby intolerant, lower-class types who aren't sophisticated enough to appreciate otherness. Thus one attains, at a single stroke, moral uplift, approbation from others, and a perceived boost in social status. Christians who engage in this sort of thing are accused of seeking "cheap grace," a favorite phrase of the anti-Nazi theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. We might also call it moral masturbation--except that this political practice really does lead to blindness.

Solomon's book, which according to Clausen is fairly dense and technical, contains the information we need to awaken countless Westerners from their slumber. It's our job to take its alarming revelations and put them into layman's language. What would your complacent neighbors think if they knew that Islamic immigration was not an accident of economics but a formal strategy of religious supremacists--a form of mass colonization? Whatever the conscious intentions of individual, peaceful Muslims who came here decades ago, the imams with whom they worship and whose dictates they obey knew better: they saw the movement of Muslims into Europe as akin to Muhammad's hijira into Medina. Within a few years, he ruled that city as a theocracy, and used it to launch wars of conquest. Since his example is perfectly admirable and always to be followed, Muslims today are doctrinally committed to doing the same. They know that demography is destiny. Spread the word.

*) Posted by Roland Shirk on December 31, 2010

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