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Friday, 7 January 2011

The Muslim Pot Calling the EDL Kettle Black

From the MDL FaceBook page

[EDL Extra's comments are in red.]

People asked me to collate the comments, so here it is: [Bad grammar! [see the next comment]You must be evil or just a Nazi. It should be 'here they are' not 'here it is'. The shoe's on the other foot now, isn't it MDL writer? However, Muslim bad grammar doesn't interest the EDL. It's more concerned about the Islamification of England than the correct grammatical use of full stops.]
If we have any psychology students I would like you to help me de-construct and psychoanalyse Tommy Robinson's post today about Richard Price the EDL Paedophile. [How pompous! He clearly doesn't know what deconstruction is. When you deconstruct something, it's not just a case of analysing it.]
Tommy is an open book when it comes to de constructing just what is going on in his little brain. [That unbearable punch-deserving smugness again.] The writing also reveals many internal battles that are taking place, all you have to do is read between the lines! [What lines are they?]
The fact that his "original statement" had to be removed indicates that Tommy is power hungry and acts without anyone else's say so. He wrote a statement full of lies and grammatical errors [So, again, does that mean the people with good grammar are politically and morally better people because they can spell?], this shows that he did not consult many people. If he did, it would of been proof read and given the go ahead.

The MDL leadership however consult, and no one admin posts statements/articles with out the consensus of everyone. [The EDL consults all the time, whether on its FaceBook page, in the EDL forum or through the Skype group.] This in the Islamic terminology we call a Shura.

The statement came out before the Times story was published. This shows a weakness in his leadership because it was a poor decision by him to say something before knowing all the facts.

He goes onto say "Clearly a mistake". Although this is a commendable act, when one is able to admit to a mistake, what we need to read is that clearly the decision to admit it came with a struggle. NO doubt that internally they have had disputes (I am sure they still do) and Tommy was told to own up to his mistake. [This is an infantile and pedantic ‘deconstruction’.]
Now I would like to draw people attention to the way Tommy refers to Richard Price or "Pricey". "Pricey" is his nickname and we all know that nicknames are given to people by others that they are fond of. [No. I’ve never met Richard Price but still used the name ‘Pricey’. What about me saying ‘Red Ken’? Does this mean that I must be friends with Kenneth Livingstone?] What is insistent to carry on using the nickname "Pricey" shows that he still has love, respect and friendship towards the guilty Richard Price.

Makes no sense, he has fused two points in one whole sentence and it does not read properly. After saying "condemn Richard Price" perhaps he should of put a full stop and then start a new sentence. [Christ, this is getting worse. This sounds more like an English teacher at a middle school than a deconstructivist. Again, Tommy R must be suspect because he misuses full stops. Himmler had perfect grammar and never misused a full stop. Does that mean that Himmler was sound politically?]
What this shows is rash behaviour and impatience. He is not taking his time when he writes, to check through any mistakes. Internally he is not at peace and the rookie mistakes are indications of this. Also to add, when he has spoken, the incoherence reveals that he is struggling to vocalise his thoughts. [Bollocks. TR is getting more eloquent by the interview. Perhaps, instead, this guy thinks his accent and style are ‘hideously white’.] Perhaps when Tommy was a little Tommy he was unable to speak up for himself and we know that (unfortunate as it is) that people who do not speak up for themselves tend to be the victims of bullies. Now Tommy (perhaps) has taken this experience and now he has become a bully himself, only this time he has a following of other dimwits who see him as there leader.

By Muhammad Ali
I agree with you, this statement was the last ditch attempt to bring back faith in the group. There was other steps they thought would take the heat of the issue. For example, on the day of the revelations, they released an article on how the group was in danger from 'Muslim Gangsters', to drum up sympathy and deter the followers from asking about Richard Price. [A convicted EDL paedophile says nothing about the EDL as a whole. There are paedophiles in all cultural and political groups - except in Islamic cultures in which rape and abuse aren't talked about, never mind acted upon.]
It was on this article myself and a few other truth seekers asked the EDL members if they would condemn the filthy actions of the paedophile. For 1 hour we asked again and again, only one person there stood for justice and condemned him.

Only after a few days of EDL member frustration in siding with a Paedophile, did wee Tommy Robinson finally put pen to paper and address the issue, somewhat conservatively. [So fucking what – a single EDL member has been found guilty of something. Does that mean the 60,000 supporters and members of the EDL have been polluted by this single man? Or is his crime somehow derived from what the EDL wants and believes? On the other hand, Mohammed’s actions, the Koran and hadith do rationalise and encourage paedophilia. Mohammed was a rapist. A paedophile. And a killer.]
Then he goes onto say that paedophilia is one of the main reasons why they stand against "militant Islam". One has to question this! because we all know the stats when it comes to paedophilia and I do not wish to taint another community or religion (because that is not our style), but paedophilia in the Muslim community (Britain) is generally low and the Islamic institution's and authorities have been relatively free from this. [That is because Islam doesn't see paedophilia as a crime. Thus few Muslims will report their fellow Muslims to the kuffar if they do indeed commit such a crime.]We do not suffer from the same problems as certain catholic institutions do.

He says that "Pricey" was not involved in any leadership position, we know very well how high up Richard Price was in the EDL ranks. We know he has been there since its inception and is even considered a founding member. Yes the wonders of screen shots, thumps up to the expose team. [Richard Price can’t have been an EDL leader or even Regional Organiser because I had never heard of him before this and I live in the same city as Richard Price – Birmingham.]
There constant denial that he was not a leader is very revealing as well, I don't think this needs further speaks for its self.

[In any case, I’ve never heard either Muslims or SWP-ers go on about paedophiles before. Never! Is it because only EDL paedophiles are evil people; though not paedophile members of the SWP or Brown Exotics?]


  1. Hilarious stuff. And taht is one wicked cartoon, but with an inaccuracy. If that is supposed to be moohammud, that big pokey object in front would be far far smaller.
    His daughter one wrote that he was "hung like the desert mouse." And she would know, since he ordered her to handle it so often in her childhood.