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Thursday, 27 January 2011

More SWP/UAF lies for the Luton EDL demo

'Luton: stop the English Defence League where it started', by Viv Smith, from Socialist Worker Online. EDL Extra comments are in red.
On Saturday 5 February, the racist English Defence League (EDL) is going back to where it all began for the group—Luton.[Is that the Racist English Defence League, not the English Defence League? Say ‘racist’ enough times and even a few non-students will start to believe this nonsense from the SWP.]

The EDL was formed in the town in March 2009, using the excuse that a small group of Islamists had protested against a soldiers’ homecoming parade. [Why is protesting against extreme Islamists deemed, by the SWP, to be an ‘excuse’? Does this mean that only when the EDL protests against Islam it is an excuse or does Viv Smith suspect and disagree with everyone who protests against militant Islam? My guess is that it is both. The SWP simply cannot fathom, politically, anti-Islamist stances and arguments. And the reason why is disgusting clear and quite unbelievable. Brown people or the Oppressed can never be guilty because they are the Oppressed. Brown people, or Muslims, cannot be oppressors or guilty of anything.

The SWP once said, about the IRA, that it

The SWP supports the IRA unconditionally but critically.

Thus we now have the same:

The SWP supports Muslims/Islamists unconditionally but critically.

Of course it is immediately clear, logically, that if you support Islamists/Muslims/the IRA ‘unconditionally’, then what’s the point of any criticism? That is, no matter how extreme or obscene an Islamist’s action is, and after an indefinite amount of possible criticisms, the SWP will still support all said Muslims or Islamists.]

In April and May, racists charged through the streets as the EDL poured hundreds of thugs into Bury Park, the heart of the Asian community.

The EDL, and its sister organisations in Wales and Scotland, say it exists only to oppose “extremist Islam”. [Is Viv Smith a psychologist or does he have substantive evidence that EDL is not a single-issue pressure group?]

But in reality they are violent, racist organisations with football hooligans and fascists at their core—and which target all Muslims and Asian people. [The SWP is violent and has been since its formation in the 1950s. It has been involved in countless acts of violence and in many riots over the years. Everyone knows that, even the students who join this despicable and vacant group.

And no! The EDL does not ‘target all Muslims and Asian people’. It does not target Indians, Sikhs, Hindus, the Chinese, etc. It does not even attack ‘all Muslims’. It doesn’t need to because we have enough theory, history, theology and political evidence to show us, and others, that it is the religion, Islam, that is the guilty party, not each and every individual Muslim.]

Nazi British National Party (BNP) members Chris Renton and Davy Cooling were involved in setting up the EDL—Renton set up the national website, and Cooling the Luton site. [Ernst Rohm helped set up the Nazi Party but that very same regime murdered him as well as many other brownshirts. We cannot be held guilty for everything that happened before the forming of the EDL.]

Members of fascist groups have been seen on most EDL protests—there have been close to 40 protests so far. And, all have involved violence. [Violence which was mostly brought about by the actions of UAF/SWP.]

EDL supporters have been photographed making Nazi salutes and filmed chanting “Fuck off Pakis” and “Muslim scum off our streets”. [Many, if not all, of these Nazi salutes were carried out be EDL infiltrators – mostly members of UAF/SWP itself. I admit that there have been a few others on the demos who have done such things, but they are usually very young and do it because they think it makes them look hard. The important point is that not a single EDL leader or organiser is a racist or a Nazi.]

In Preston last year EDL supporters chanted, “Burn a mosque”.

Days later there was an attempted arson attack on a mosque in Stoke-on-Trent which police are treating as racist. [Yes, but that mosque had no people inside it because it was still being built, unlike all the Islamist bombings of mosques in Iraq and Pakistan. The arsonists must have known there were no Muslims inside because they also knew that it was still being built. They had to climb onto a top window. Thus that would have made them well aware that there were no people inside.]

And EDL members have also attacked left wing and anti fascist meetings.

Welsh Defence League members attacked a May Day demonstration last year.

The EDL has denounced trade unionists and striking British Airways cabin crew. [Not all trade unions and not every action of a trade union. We will denounce those trade unions which fund red fascists like UAF/SWP. We will also criticise unions which endanger human life. But having said that, the EDL has no official position on trade unions – it is not a political party with a position on everything under the sun.]

EDL founder Tommy Robinson recently described student protesters as “dirty stinking layabouts” and threatened to attack future protests. [Yes, partly because students make up the majority of the SWP/UAF and the other Leftist groups which would like to ‘smash’ (or ban completely) the EDL. Students haven’t done the EDL any favours so far; but we nevertheless do have student members.]

But the EDL has not been allowed to rampage without opposition.

Soon after the Luton protests, EDL supporters went to Birmingham. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) activists fought for unity with the Muslim community to confront the racists. Since then the EDL has not marched unopposed.

The counter-protest in Tower Hamlets, east London, in June last year, marked a turning point.

UAF activists joined with others to form East End United, and mobilised a magnificent 5,000 people. The EDL cancelled its march—but anti-racists took to the streets anyway.’ [The EDL cancelled that demo because the Islamist conference it was protesting against was cancelled, not because of the power and strength of UAF.]

The police, the state, and even some anti-fascist organisations argue that confronting the EDL makes matters worse. [Of course it does. How could it be otherwise?]

But forcing Muslim communities to cower in their homes while racists are on the streets is just want the EDL want. [I’ve never heard of Muslims cowering in any situation, not even women and children. The truth is that millions upon millions of the world’s non-Muslims are cowering because of the way that Muslims treat them. At home, many non-Muslims ‘cower’ when they are confronted by the many Muslim gangs throughout our land, from top to the bottom.

I haven’t heard of Muslims cowering. Many Muslim actually create hell rather than respond to it.]

Recently, their protests have been met by both town centre UAF counter-protests and by Muslims gathering in their local are as to drive them back. [Yes; and UAF has also begun to get a lot of hassle from Muslims. This is bound to get much worse; after all, no matter how much UAF patronises Muslims they still end up being only kuffars to them, especially to Islamists. Ha-ha!]

Luton can be another marker against the EDL.

UAF activists have been working with trade unionists and local Muslims to build a protest against the EDL in the town’s St George’s Square—as well as a defence of the Muslim community in Bury Park.

Every trades council in the region, and many national and local trade union branches, have signed up to support these demonstrations. [Muslims, in the future, will also start to kill off unions and their members. That’s after they have sorted out the infidels of the SWP/UAF, etc.]

The police want to allow the EDL to hold its racist rally in the square, but activists are refusing to concede it. Everyone should get to Luton on 5 February—and help drive the EDL off the streets. [Yeh! Let’s play some more Leftist anti-fascist games and some historical reinactments. They still think they can create their 1917 Russia or their Paris 1968. However, England is a different kettle of fish entirely. That’s why the SWP jumped from the UK working-class ship to the Islamist/Muslim one. I think that’s called opportunism.]

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