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Friday, 7 January 2011

Leftist Self-Hate

- By Oroya

"Why do politically-correct liberals and the SWP/UAF ‘simply adore’ a religion, Islam, which is deeply reactionary, fascist, misogynist, expansionist, brutal, authoritarian, hierarchical, and the rest?"

Because liberalism, or what we call political correctness, is not so much a set of opinions on concrete political issues as a cast of mind, a particular way of looking at the world. And the bedrock on which the liberal mind-set rests is hatred of one's own country, one's own identity and one's own civilisation.
>Liberals today tend to take a "soft" approach towards Islam because Islam, in the present period of history, is generally perceived as the main enemy of Western civilisation. For the same reason, liberals took a soft approach towards the Communist empire in the period before 1991. Now that the communist empire is gone, there is a new enemy to be appeased and fawned upon. That is why we now see Western liberals marching side-by-side with burqa-clad Muslims calling down death and destruction on the US and Israel, just as they once marched to Aldermaston demanding that the West divest itself of the nuclear arsenal that was its main protection against the communist world's overwhelming superiority in military manpower and conventional weaponry.

In the Left's pantheon of hate-figures, the US naturally occupies the leading place. That is not - or not principally - on account of particular actions or policies of US governments. It is because the US is the West's principal military and industrial power, and the main guardian of the West's security. European (and American) liberals hate the US not because of what the US does but because of what the US is.

Not far behind comes Israel, because Israel - once part of the Western alliance that faced the communist enemy - is today in the front line in the West's war to the death against political Islam. Western liberals' hatred of Israel has nothing to do with the Israelis' treatment of the Palestinians. Being part of the West, and on the side of the West, is the Israelis' principal - and absolutely unforgiveable - crime.

In one thing, people on the political Left are absolutely and rigidly consistent, and that is that in any conflict between a nation or group that is part of, or allied with, the West, and a nation or group that is hostile to the West, they will invariably, instinctively, take the part of the non-Western side. "My country's enemy, or my country's friend's enemy, right or wrong" is the essence, the irreducible core, of their political belief system. That is why an individual such as Ken Livingstone pays homage to the IRA and embraces Sheikh Qaradawi. That is why the ex-communist Galloway travels thousands of miles to grovel at the feet of Saddam Hussein, and that is why Shami Chakrabarti and her colleagues at Liberty - an organisation supposedly dedicated to the protection of human rights - seem to spend most of their time defending the interests of Muslim fanatics.

Leftism is the politics of self-hatred. Understand that, and everything falls into place.

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  1. Stalin killed 30 million and Mao 70 million. And the left compares EDL with the Nazis, who killed 30 million. It looks as if the EDL is 70 million up on points so far...