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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Latest: Muslim attempts to kill EDL leader

28 January 2011, Last updated at 09:10, BBC News: Beds, Herts & Bucks

Reports of an attack on EDL man's Luton home are being investigated by police in Bedfordshire.

Officers were called to Kevin Carroll's home in Bolingbroke Road, Luton, late on Thursday after reports an object was thrown against the window of the house.

Mr Carroll said he went to investigate and saw a man who appeared to be holding a shotgun. No shots were fired.

Officers carried out a search of the area, but no offender was found.

Police said they were trying to establish what happened and wanted to talk to anyone who saw anything suspicious.


Hi, it's Tommy Robinson,

A Muslim with a shot gun attempted to shoot Kev. They threw rocks at his window to draw him out of his house. He and his family are with armed police. I also have a police guard at my house.

They won't stop us. We will continue. We will defend ourselves.

Luton demo would still go ahead... even if one of us was killed!

As always - no surrender. Not now! Not ever!

- By the EDL

It is with regret that I have to give you this news, but tonight we have seen the religion of peace in its full glory. One of the EDL leaders, Kevin Carroll, has been targeted by Muslim gangs in Luton and has been shot at several times. Details are a little sketchy as armed police have the area contained at present...Kev and his family are safe. I can confirm that. More info to follow. No surrender.

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