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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Islamists Face off with English Defense League in Canada

Posted By Christine Williams On January 24, 2011, from NewsReal Blog

A Toronto rally signifying a push by the English Defence League(EDL) in Canada drew heated protests from placard-waving demonstrators hollering: “EDL go to hell” and “neo-Nazi fascist thugs”. Protesters blocked the street and 4 people were subsequently arrested with one police officer requiring medical treatment.

The EDL is an anti-Islamist group, whose leader– Tommy Robinson–was communicating with supporters over the internet outside the Toronto Zionist Center while protests smouldered. He was using a video feed over a movie screen which read: “Canadians wake up. The Islamicization of your country is on its way.”

"The Canadian Jewish Congress opposed the efforts of the EDL with a statement from its CEO Bernie Farber:

Islamic fundamentalism is a real threat. But fighting it with generalized hatred against Muslims, as does the EDL, is only a recipe for fuelling more conflict.

We join with all the leading British Jewish organizations in condemning the intolerance and violence that the EDL represents."

Racism is a serious issue that needs to be battled. Islamists recognize this and use it as a cover. They are adept at wielding the propaganda stick. One method is to rally against groups that stymie their cause by levying accusations of racism. This includes opposition against the nation of Israel, deeming it to be a racist, ‘apartheid” state.

An open letter signed by two dozen activist organizations ‘warns’: “The English Defence League is a far-right extremist organization,”

Now take a look at the groups among these activist organizations:

•the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty which arranged an aggressive: “Can’t stop. Won’t stop. March with Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” campaign.
•Queers Against Israeli Apartheid , a gay group that believes they would be better received in Muslim regimes.
•The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), whose leader Khaled Mouammar refers to Israel as the “Israeli Apartheid Regime” and a “pariah state”, and has further urged the Canadian government, churches and unions to join forces and push for divestments and sanctions against Israel. The CAF also went on a vigorous lobby against Canada as it sought representation on the UN Security Council, falsely accusing Canada of being anti-Muslim and anti-Arab.

And, Wayman Bennet–Joint Secretary of the organization United Against Fascism– issued a farcical comment:

"the EDL’s attempts to present itself as opposed to Islamist extremism rather than Muslims was “a bit like the Ku Klux Klan saying they’re not against all black people…”

Bennett ‘forgets’ a few facts: that blacks did not have a political agenda of global Jihad; that blacks were discriminated against based on race not based on their aggressive perpetration of war to conquer.

A public response from the English Defense League…..

“We do not urge you to hate every Muslim in Canada, we ask you to empower the good Muslims so they can fight their 7th century counterparts, we ask you to join us in the truly global fight against radical Islam.”

****Note carefully: “we ask you to empower the good Muslims”

The EDL makes a clear distinction between Islamists and ‘good Muslims’. Groups like the EDL stymie the drive of Islamists, so the latter fight back by: deceptively arousing sympathies from anti-racism groups, working the propaganda campaign about Gaza, and arousing fear in immigrants about racism. No one is more racist than Islamists where slavery still exists in Maurantania and blacks are slaughtered in Darfur, yet Waymann Bennet puts forth a cockamamie KKK argument.

Whatever issues one may have with the English Defense League is allowed in a democracy, but we will be better off to heed the warnings of the EDL: “Canadians wake up. The Islamicization of your country is on its way”; not only in Canada but in all Western countries.

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  1. This is from Vlad Tepes blog: izlamic training camps in USA. All black, possibly ex cons. Talk about exploitation of blacks by mozlems!! It is nothing less than a return to slavery!!