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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Islam? No Thanks!

No; it's not only a question of English women in short skirts spewing into the gutter on a Saturday night versus pious and smug Islamomammas feeling superior but oppressed and bored. That's just the vision of England Anjem Choudhry must focus on in order the justify and defend the hellish Islamic beliefs which he purports to be some kind of alternative to freedom and pure chilling.

No. Love. Companionship and fun! Yes, fun! It is possible - outside Islam.

No wonder so many Muslim men pimp, groom and kill. I think I'd do the same if I had to live the way they lived.


  1. What a BRILLIANT photograph!! I am sharing it!!
    Excellent find!!

  2. The ENVY that is coming off the muzzies could be bottled. Probably use it as barbecue fuel! Heh!!