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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Heroin-Peddling Bastards

- By English Defence League (EDL), January 4

So who would think that Luton is the hub of Islamic extremism and criminality here in Great Britain, eh?

We know it sounds farfetched but it really, really is!

Let us tell you about the Gambinos firm, a criminal family that resides here in Luton. A bunch of heroin-peddling scumbags who “give it the Johnny big bollocks”. A group of people who poison our youth with that life destroying drug - a drug that coincidentally reaches our shores from Afghanistan via Pakistan.

And these horrible bastards have the fucking cheek to call the EDL all sorts of things, like ‘racist this’, ‘racist that’, ‘bigot this’, ‘bigot that’, when these fucking mugs poison the minds and bodies of our youth with filthy imported drugs from a 7th century Islamic sharia driven shithouse, where men throw acid in the faces of women who want to become educated! Excuse me but isn’t that just a tad cheeky considering that these “get rich quick baghead dealing twats” are making money out of scumbags who mug old ladies for their pensions to keep them on a high?

Have I lost the plot or are these people for real?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not angels. We don’t claim to be, but we don’t, we never have, and we never will, push heroin to destroy our country and the citizens that reside in its borders. Heroin is for the lowest of the low. It’s just another means of waging jihad here in the west. They don’t need to fight us when they can poison us, cause civil unrest and increase crime rates due to peoples dependency on one of the world’s most addictive and destructive drugs.

Anyway we have had bounties put on our heads it seems. (I wonder where the money could have come from?) So now we have to respond. These criminal scumbags have constantly taunted us about where our families live, and that they will “do us filthy kuffar in”. Well, all we’ve got to say to you disgusting bastards is this:


We are well beyond caring about the constant harassment, the constant threats to our lives, the intimidation our families have had to endure because we stand up for the good of our country! Sure people can disagree with how we go about demonstrating, about how we shock the nation with the kind of truths our successive governments try to hide and sweep under the carpet, things like drug trafficking, prostitution, gang raping, terrorism, things that feature heavily in Muslim communities not just here in Britain but WORLDWIDE!
Sure we are not stupid enough or ignorant enough to say this is an exclusive problem in the Muslim community. But we know for damn sure that it is a massive problem that Muslim communities, and successive governments, have failed time and time again to control.

So does that make us all racist? Does it make us all bigots? Does it make us hate every single Muslim in the world?

The answer is very simple and pretty obvious:

The answer is, absolutely not!!!!

Just because we point out the fact that “the Gambinos are the Pakistani Muslim gang that control most of the drug trade in Luton – and the fact that they’ve all got good connections to al-Qaeda”. That in itself doesn’t mean we tar every Muslim with the same brush. It means we are highlighting a very obvious and disturbing truth. If the cost of that is some little dick calling us out as a racists then sue us! It’s common knowledge to those who actually listen to our concerns and investigate them properly rather than “turning a blind eye” to this degenerate social cancer, at least such people can see past the prejudice and retarded defamation.

For those idiots who see fit to intimidate our friends, our family, we say this:

We know where you live. We know where you work. We know what mosques you pray at. We know what cars you drive. We know your family members and where they live. (Before anyone starts making wild accusations we would never EVER condone hurting anyone’s family just because there are problems with a certain type of family member.)

So the position is this. It’s abundantly clear in fact, for all those who wish to harm anyone of us, we know who you are. We will defend ourselves and we will prevail no matter the cost because we are the English Defence League - surrender or submission is not an option!

Oh and on a final note to Mr Latif of the Luton Islamic Centre:

You failed to notify the police about al-Abdaly’s radical fanaticism and he blew himself up in Stockholm. You have failed to stop other Islamic groups from peddling their hate. You can’t even stop these backward barbarians from peddling drugs in Luton - poisoning our youth. So tell me Mr Latif:


If anyone would like to let Mr. Latif know what you think of his piss poor performance in stopping jihad in Luton then feel free to contact him:

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