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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Here's one story the Right-wing media didn't make up: in 2030 Britain will be 8.2 per cent Muslim

By Ed West, January 28th, 2011, from The Telegraph

Islamists protest against British troops in Luton (Photo: Rex):

Imagine you’re in an old, dilapidated sports stadium somewhere in the world. It’s the build-up to a big game, but you’re not interested in the football, because you’re watching with unease as the authorities continue to let more and more fans into the ground. Knowing a bit about disasters – think Ibrox or Hillsborough – you become alarmed. In the stands, you tell those around you that the structure is unstable. “Shut it!” they shout. “You’ll cause a panic! It’ll be fine if you just keep quiet!”

And in a sense they have a point – broadcast a venue’s fundamental weakness and the panic might hasten its downfall. Point out a society’s innate instability and a similar thing might happen.

Following last week’s comments by Baroness Warsi about Islamophobia, Radio 4 broadcast a programme in which it asked:

"Are sections of the British press increasing tensions within communities by publishing negative stories about Muslims? John Waite investigates the link between inaccurate anti-Muslim stories and the increased membership of the English Defence League. The organisation, which claims to oppose Islamic extremism, has been inspired by one long-running story: the Winterval myth – the unfounded claim that councils are rebranding or renaming Christmas to appease Muslims. And it’s threatened to visit any town or city that bans Christmas. So why are newspapers publishing distorted, islamophobic stories that provoke far-right extremists? Should the Press Complaints Commission impose tougher sanctions? Or do editors need to take more responsibility for the consequences of what they print?"

On a very, very superficial level they are right. Many of the stories about councils abolishing Christmas or taking the word “ham” out of the town’s name because it offends Muslims are wildly exaggerated or entirely fictitious. Often if someone has actually complained it’s not a Muslim – the vast majority of whom are respectful of Christianity in this country – but some joyless, mealy-mouthed ex-Liberal Democrat.

But there are some stories that the press does not make up, and they are far, far more important than the great Winterval myth. Yesterday the highly-respected, non-partisan Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life’s released its projection that in 2030 Britain will have a Muslim population of 5.5 million people, roughly 8.2 per cent of the total population.

That’s hardly Eurabia, I hear some saying. But that figure will not be spread evenly across the UK. By that stage Oldham, Bradford, Blackburn and Burnley, and possibly Birmingham, may well be Muslim-majority towns. What will race relations be like in those places, I wonder?

Any tension that ensues will of course be blamed on “Islamophobia”, and yet no society in history has watched a minority grow from 0 to 8 per cent in two generations with such tolerance. Even without the problems associated with Islam in the West, Britain’s record would be fantastic – and there certainly are problems. For example, opinion polls of British Muslims consistently show around 7 per cent support terrorist attacks on UK civilians, more than 10 per cent support attacks on UK troops, and anywhere between 30 and 50 per cent wish for Sharia law and the death penalty for apostates and homosexuals. Project those figures onto a population of 5.5 million and then tell me it’s “Islamophobic” to be concerned.

And even if you think 8.2 per cent is nothing – in 2030 the fertility gap between Muslim and non-Muslim will still be 0.8 per woman, which translates as a 40 per cent increase per generation. And that’s assuming that the government bans immigration from countries such as Pakistan, which by this stage will have over 256 million people – something no MP for Blackburn, Burnley or Bradford will vote for.

I hate some of the comments this subject attracts, but I also hate the complacency with which so many people treat this subject. People who have studied history rather than Marxist theories of race relations can see that as the population grows, prejudice against Muslims will certainly grow, and this will help to reinforce Islam as an identity. In turn those in the “anti-racist” consensus will continue to blame the problems on the “Right-wing press” rather than the inevitable consequence of social engineering. That’s the problem about being a sceptic on this subject – we’ll never be vindicated, because the true believers, just like old communists, will never accept that the structure itself is to blame.

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