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Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Freedom to Wear the Burkha?

Muslim women say that the Islamic burkha is worn by Muslim women ‘with pride’. Really, I thought it was all about ‘modesty’ and ‘humility’. What are they proud of anyway? Proud of not being like all those sexually immoral kufar women?

You may ask why the burkha gives women ‘the freedom to come out in public’. Is it because kafur men will otherwise molest them? Or is it because their husbands and religious leaders won’t allow them to do so without their burkhas?

As for the 'freedom' (as in ‘free country’) to wear the burkha. No state/country is ever completely free. Some are not free at all – think here of Islamic Saudi Arabia, Islamic Pakistan, and, more relevantly, ‘the Islamic Republic of Iran’.

The Government has never buckled ‘under the pressures of right-wing fascism’. However, this Government has, in the past, buckled under numerous Islamic pressure groups, including the Council of Mosques, the Muslim Association of Britain and many more.

It is simply lazy politics to accuse all of one’s political opponents as being ‘fascists’ – the Trotskyite left have been playing that game for decades.

Incidentally, Islamic radicals and fundamentalists do actually share a lot with fascists – e.g., anti-Semitism, homophobia, totalitarianism, expansionism, intolerance, a lack of respect for ‘diversity’ and many other things.

The question now remains:

Are the Muslim women who wear burkhas allied to, directly or indirectly, the Islamic fundamentalists and radicals just mentioned? (We know about Muslimammas like the Lyrical Terrorist.)

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