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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Egypt, Pakistan, etc. Today: the UK Tomorrow?

Q) Why aren't British Muslims doing what their fellow Muslims are doing to Christians - and other infidels - in Egypt, Afhganistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria, southern Thailand, southern Sudan, the Philiipines, etc. here in the UK?

A) Because British Muslims haven't yet got the numbers and political power.
They will have the numbers and political power within 20 years to increase the jihad in the UK. Full stop. Are you prepared for this? Do you want this to happen?

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  1. In around 2002/3, a Methodist church in Romford Road, Newham, East London, was burned down by pislamic arsonists. The press shut the story down. There are now around 10 mosques in that road alone, at least 2 having taken over large churches.
    Contrary to all their lies about Jesus being respected by mozlems, they removed every cross from the exteriors and the stained glass. These mosques now look like fortresses.