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Saturday, 22 January 2011



From: Islamophobe's Blog

Couple of weeks to go until the EDL make their 1st appearance of 2011 in Luton. There will be an estimated 5000 of England’s volunteer street army making the trip from across the nation. This time the eyes of the world will be on us, paying us more than a passing interest as has been the case over the last year. I believe that there are several reasons for this; notably the tireless work being done by Tommy Robinson over the last couple of months, promoting the English Defence League, not only in the UK, but globally as well. Not only has he done interviews with media outlets across England and Europe, but has also worked and strengthening ties in Canada and America. In fact the very fact Tommy Robinson was speaking via video conference to members of a Jewish organisation in Canada caused riots outside the building this conference was taking place in by the Muslims and the anti-fascists. The Canadian media reported this for what it was, the left trying to silence the very democracy that is the pillar of western society.

Another reason we are getting the attention globally is the lack of a political agenda. In the UK, the media and the government have their own interests to consider, so regardless of personal beliefs or feelings towards the EDL, in the current climate it would take a very brave man or woman in such a position of influence to publicly back the EDL. I believe though by this time next year that stance will have changed, but I will get back to that in a moment.

As the number of EDL supporters grow, as does the level of awareness of these new members as to the truth about Islam and extremism. This is beneficial to the movement for several reasons, the most important is that it puts a personal face of the EDL out to members of various communities who are outraged by the inroads Islam is making in the UK, or only have a passing interest in what is really going on. As they talk to the EDL members, some of whom they will have known for years, grown up with, drink with, they will realise that these people they know are not the 'drunken shaven headed neo Nazi knuckle dragging Neanderthals' the media portray us as, but just everyday people who have seen enough and decide to take a stand.

Members of the EDL do a lot of good, not only working tirelessly for charity, but also within the communities they live in. When the bad weather hit in November last year, I lost count of the face book statuses I saw asking that other members visit elderly neighbours to see if there was anything they could do to help, make sure they had food, or even something so simple as taking a blanket round to help fight off the chill. This wasn’t done as an EDL -run thing, but decent people who genuinely care about others who are less fortunate than themselves in times of hardship. That to me says everything about the moral fibre of most EDL members. The same kind of messages went out over Christmas as well. There was also the EDL lads from London, who although told that their help wasn’t needed, still turned up the morning after the student riots to help with the clean up operation. Non of this ever got a mention in the media, well not in this country anyway.

As I was saying, by the end of the year the general opinion of the EDL will have changed drastically. The points I have raised already will help turn the tide of public opinion, but as anything positive about the EDL isn’t mentioned in the press, this will only be small scale. I believe the change will happen for one main reason. Validation. Not even a month into 2011 and already we can see evidence of this. First of all there were Jack Straws comments on Muslim sex/rape/paedophile gangs roaming the street praying on young under-age girls. When the EDL mention this we are 'paranoid racist thugs', in fact I have lost friends over this issue. Now a leading politician says it the media have been all over it. Police chiefs admitting that little was done for appearing racist. As this information has come from supposed reputable sources it is now newsworthy, proving to those with a passing interest that the EDL were right

The other example is the leading church figure who this week spoke out against Islam, claiming that the Islamifacation of the UK is going unchecked and will do nothing but harm, not only to the country as a whole, but also within smaller communities. I believe that, despite what is said, the media as well as the government know what we are about, and know that if Islamisation continues to go unchecked then our members will swell to the point that their will be no stopping us. In order to counter this, the government are going to have to not only admit that a lot of what the EDL preach is a legitimate concern, but if they are seen to be doing nothing, they are going to start pushing people to the open arms of the EDL. In order to prevent this steps are going to have to be taken to do something about the problem. After all, if the government did all they could to counter this threat, there would never have been a need for the EDL in the 1st place, as it is only the, at best, lack of action, at worse, encouragement of the spread of Islam that we find ourselves in the situation we do.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this

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  1. The church leader you refer to,the Rt. Reverend Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, ex-Bishop of Rochester, has lived as a Christian in Pakistan, he is a Pakistani native, now English. HE IS THE ONLY MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND(AND FOR THAT MATTER THE CHURCH OF ROME!!) TO HAVE EXPRESSED ALARM ABOUT THE RISE OF ISLAM IN THE UK!! For that he was sacked from his post as bishop of Rochester! He is a great man!