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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

EDL Members on Immigration

- By the EDL's Shelfside

My views on immigration are as follows (at least for the foreseeable future):

1. No immigrants from Islamic countries or those of the Muslim faith.
2. A ban on all other immigration, apart from those who can contribute to the welfare of the UK, until the financial crisis has passed or at least eased substantially.
3. Anyone of Islamic faith who visits an Islamic country for a "wedding" or to "study" will not be allowed back into the country and his/her citizenship (if a British citizen) revoked.

The main immigration problem we have stems from our lax attitude to Islamic immigrants. They form hate-filled enclaves of Islam wherever they settle, do not integrate and are dangerous parasites, draining our country financially and also that of its citizens’ sense of well being and security.

Only when Islam gets its house in order (if ever), and the Islamic "community" in this country takes responsibility for its actions, stops its hostile and murderous acts against us, can we ever sleep easily. These "communities" must be brought to book and behave as civilised human beings or return to their countries of origin or descent.

Our country is in mortal danger from one small section of its population that is out of all proportion to its numbers - that small section is the Muslim population.

- By the EDL's Christine Patriot

I have the opinion that some immigration would be of benefit to this country - some! But we have gone way too far and in the wrong direction for all the wrong reasons.

Without going into the causes of the present situation and its effects I will say this:

I would either suspend further immigration immediately or stop at least 95% of immigration with immediate effect. We need to take stock and re-assess our immigration policies. (The problem is, as long as we are in the EU we can do nothing to control immigration.)

The next thing I would do is give serious thought to what steps we could take to repatriate a significant number of the immigrants of recent years as their motives for being here may not be in the national interest. It should matter not if they object to leaving these shores, that which is in the national interest is to be of primary concern.

Any muslim wishing to immigrate to this country should be classed as an enemy of the state due to the teachings and instructions in the Koran relating to islamic domination of the host country.

All future immigrantion should be on fixed term visas/work contracts that determines they leave immediately at the end of the visa/contract. No renewals, only re-application from home country.

I think you'll get the gist of my opinion on this matter even if I have omitted the detail.

- By the EDL's ADW

Working for a big employer in the UK, I can tell you the immigration has been an unmitigated disaster for British people. The companies love it but the lives of many have been destroyed.

This is because of two things: immigration and welfare.

Welfare in that not working becomes an option. Not a good one but you can survive. In some cases well!

As for immigration, here is an example. In the 80s and 90s we employed 1500 [Ed.?] Brits on our production line. Now only 5% of shop-floor workers are English. This is because EU economic migrants will work longer hours for less pay and worse conditions. How is a Brit going to compete with someone who will work for less money and conditions?

Is that the fault of the employer, the employee or the Government? Well, the strikes by the unions in the 1970s and 80s helped. The opening of the EU Borders helped. The rise in welfare helped.

The UK is going to need some quite radical changes in both thought-processes and culture to get over this.

A start would be only allowing people in to do jobs that cannot be filled. We don't need more taxi drivers for example.

Whereas all Islamic immigration MUST be stopped.

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