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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Community Cohesion and Muslims


From the Trencherbone blog

'Community Cohesion' - British Government

= doublespeak for Muslims behaving badly

Community Cohesion - well there's a real example of Orwellian doublespeak!

As with all NuLabour spin, the phrase 'Community Cohesion' is designed to conceal more than it reveals. 'Community Cohesion' is the wallpaper that NuLabour hope will paper over the cracks of a disintegrating society. The disintegration has been deliberately caused by Labour's fascist attempt to wipe out British national identity by 'rubbing the working class's noses in diversity'.

However, by importing millions of Muslims, the government has got more diversity than it bargained for.

Consequently, you'll find that wherever the words 'Community Cohesion' are used, the word 'Muslim' is seldom more than a few sentences away. In the definitive government report 'What Works in Community Cohesion', Muslim is mentioned 33 times (and Islam six), Christian six times, Jew once, while Sikh, Hindu, Confucian and Buddhist are mentioned zero times. Obviously the squeaky hinge gets the oil.

So what Community Cohesion really means is a belated attempt to minimise the damage to British society caused by the presence of large number of aggressively arrogant Muslims. This usually involves appeasing never-ending Muslim demands, and throwing immense amounts of money at 'moderate' Muslim organisations in an attempt to buy off trouble. This is effectively paying the Jizya - protection money traditionally paid by Christians to buy off Muslim harassment.

Muslim Ingratitude

Muslims believe that the Earth and everything on it belongs to them, and non-Muslims should only possess property with the permission of Muslims. Consequently, all their ever-growing demands are just asking for what is rightfully theirs in the first place, and the infidels can expect no thanks for giving it to them. Living with Islam is about give and take - we give, they take.

Many immigrant communities have contributed to modern Britain. Unfortunately Muslims seem to to contribute nothing but trouble, ranging from pedophile gangs raping kuffar girls, to 'street jihadists' castrating and murdering kuffar boys.

Wherever the Chinese have settled in large numbers you get a Chinatown, which becomes a tourist attraction. Wherever Muslims have settled in large numbers you get a ghetto, which becomes a no-go area.

Muslim ghetto
As far as Muslims are concerned, the only Community Cohesion that seems to matter is cohesion within the Ummah, which trumps all other loyalties.

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