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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Canada's Prof. Goodwin Overdoses on Marxist Theory

[Left: a map which displays the lack of Community Cohesion, Embraced Diversity and multiculturalism in northern England.]

National Post, Canada:

Prof. Goodwin said he doubts the EDL message will resonate in Canada. He said it appeals primarily in working class districts of northern England that have little experience with multiculturalism.

(Email to the Canadian National Post)


Unlike your correspondent, Stewart Bell, I actually live in the north of England, in part of the conurbation of Bradford. In his item about proposed link-ups between the English Defence League (of which I am NOT a member, but at one of whose rallies I did act as an observer) and Canadian groups, he quotes Bernie Farber as saying that the record of the EDL in England is one of violence and extremism. I suppose that all depends on how you define "extremism", but on the question of violence, I can state categorically that most of any violence at EDL demonstrations has been the responsibility of the Trotskyist-organised so-called "United Against Fascism".

Your Professor Matthew Goodwin states "[the EDL] appeals primarily to working class districts of northern England that have little experience with multiculturalism". Perhaps in Prof. Goodwin's fantasy-world, this may be true. If he were to actually visit northern England, he would discover how utterly wrong he is. The population of the old city/urban district of Bradford is about 300,000; it has about 90,000 people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin, in addition to thousands of Poles, Slovaks, Lithuanians, Indians, Sikhs, Irish, and (once) Jews of German origin. I think that sounds pretty multicultural to me!

Yours, etc.,

*) See the National Post article:

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