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Saturday, 22 January 2011

And now, what Baroness Warsi actually said...

21st January 2011, by Melanie Phillips, from Spectator

Here is the text of the speech that Baroness Warsi actually delivered. Lots of gracious references to Christians and Jews -- but also note the disreputable suggestion that certain Old Testament passages provide excuses for stoning people to death for adultery and the like.

The fact is, however, that unlike Islam Judaism has always mediated such passages through rabbinic interpretation, with the result that such activities have not been tolerated. Jews pose no threat to anyone -- other than those who try to wipe them out. The sly insinuation that Islam is inherently no more dangerous to life, liberty and human rights than is Judaism is quite wickedly false -- and all too telling.

This is also why the equation of 'Islamophobia' with Jew-hatred is so odious. That's why some of those supporting Baroness Warsi today for her stand against anti-Muslim 'bigotry' themselves display vicious bigotry towards the Jewish people. Prejudice, as I said below, is based on faleshoods of one kind or another -- lies, distortion, absence of evidence. While some people are indeed prejudiced against Muslims, most of what is termed 'Islamophobia' arises from entirely rational and legitimate concerns. Jew-hatred does not.

In short, this is all about the difference between truth and lies. And in western society, where the very notion of objective truth has been written out of the script, many can no longer grasp that difference. That is the real crisis for the west -- and Baroness Warsi has now shown us, twice, that she is part of the problem, not the solution.


  1. Well said Melanie, Warsi is for the Muslim Community and does not care about non-Muslims - shame on her! At least we have the EDL to speak up for the British.