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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Violence Against the EDL at 'Islamophobia' Conference: When 'Anti-Fascists' Become the Fascists They Are

Five EDL members decided to pay a visit to the ‘Speak out against racism and Islamophobia’ conference, held in London on the 11th of December. They included Roberta Moore (head of the EDL Jewish Division), Ruby (from the Pakistani Christian Division), Joe (from the Gay Division) and Peter, the cameraman for the day. Another guy from the EDL’s Gay Division also went along, but he kept himself away the larger EDL group. He became the EDL’s ‘spy’ for the day, which was a task easier to do when not part of the main EDL group.

Rather than just demonstrate outside, the EDL group bought tickets for the event itself. They wanted to actually hear what these people were actually saying about the EDL.

The conference was sponsored – and attended- by various leftist and Islamist groups and individuals, including Ken Livingstone, Salma Yaqoob, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), the Islamist Anas Altikrita, the British Muslim Initiative, the SWP’s Martin Smith and so on.

The EDL managed to take in two hours of speeches before any trouble started. The EDL was being debated in one of the subsidiary rooms. And, as you can no doubt guess, that was where the trouble began.

This destroy-the-EDL room was full of about 100 Trots and Islamists, including Martin ‘Quasimodo’ Smiff, of UAF and member of the Central Committee (yes, Central Committee) of the SWP.

At the questions-and-answers stage, Roberta Moore put her hand up to ask a question, which was her democratic right. However, the Trots and Islamists didn’t see it that way.

At first they allowed her to speak because no one recognised her and they clearly had no idea about what she was going to say.

So Roberta began to speak. Firstly she said: ‘Well, first of all, I DO support the EDL and I have photos here of our demos which prove we are not racist.’

In order to show the photos to the audience, she walked to the front of the room with the photos. Of course, this is when the Trots and Islamists began to shout and foam at the mouth. They began to shout: ‘Out! Out! Out!’ This is no surprise at all. Far from it. Trots cannot debate anything with which they don’t agree. They can only ban things and use force. That is how both Trots and Islamists express themselves politically. They clearly know that the truth would destroy them. Thus they do anything at their disposal to hide from debate and eradicate contradictory voices, including the voice of the EDL. (But certainly not only the EDL’s voice.)

So, basically, the Trots and Islamists stopped Roberta from speaking, which is something they always do and often successfully. Roberta herself said they were behaving like ‘mad people’ – probably just like fanatical 'anti-Zionists' do at demos.

Almost immediately, five people went up to Roberta to overpower her. In response to this, Roberta decided it would be wise to call the police at this juncture – we all know what violence Trots and Islamists are capable of. (That’s why they are so united at this present time… but not for long!)

One man grabbed Roberta’s mobile phone as she was attempting to call the police. Upon which, Roberta quickly grabbed his arm, pulled him closer and told him to return the phone to her – which he did.

Eventually, Roberta did indeed call the police, but not before a woman had sunk her nails into both of Roberta’s arms. This was an attempt to drag Roberta to the floor. While all this was happening, another three people had come behind Roberta and attempted to push her out of the room. One of the leaders of the Muslim Council of Britain then started shouting insults at Roberta in Arabic. No doubt to his surprise, Roberta responded in Arabic!

That was not the end of things for Roberta. Yet another woman grabbed her legs and tried to pull her out of the room. She didn’t succeed and eventually let go of Roberta’s legs.

Roberta wasn’t the only person to be attacked. Joe, from the EDL’s Gay Division, was also set upon while trying to phone the police (who are ‘an arm of the State’, according to Martin Smith, etc.) Then they went for Ruby, from the Pakistani Christian Division of the EDL. Finally, it was the turn of the EDL cameraman to be attacked. The Trots and Islamists broke his camera but luckily the film was still intact. Thank God for that!

So, luckily, all this was caught by an EDL cameraman.

When Roberta was outside the room, she demanded her money back. After all, not only was she unable to ask questions or partake at all in the ‘debate’, she was also physically attacked. Luckily, the MCB leader gave her the money back – and quite right too!

Clearly, One Society Many Cultures must exclude a lot of cultures. It seems excludes gays, British Christian Pakistanis and Jews. Perhaps One Society Many Cultures is just a euphemism for Trots and Islamists… that’s because it’s mainly Trots and Islamists who run these shows. Perhaps it should be renamed: a Splintered Society with Only Select Cultures.
*) The UAF/SWP's Martin Smith is at the front, on the right.
**) Something I didn't notice at first. When some of the audience shout 'Out! Out!' others use the German word 'Raus! Raus!' This was used by the Nazis during the 1920s and 30 and it was aimed at, yes, you guessed it - Jews!


  1. Absolutely brilliant work guys!

  2. Inspiring! I am both elated and profoundly saddened that it has come to this in our lifetime. Woe to the present generation who has allowed the jinn of jihad to escape from the bottle to which our ancestors confined it with their cannons for more than a thousand years! We shall no doubt be called to do the same very soon. These are the winds of war blowing upon us from the east yet again from this most ancient enemy of our civilization. Today our armies are engaging this scourge on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq but within the decade we will no doubt call upon them to apply their battle-hardened lessons here at home.

  3. What a bunch of fascist twats, how can they stand there and deny their not fascist.

  4. at 28 secs. The guy with a yellow sweater might have been willing to hear what the EDL reps had to say. On his sweater, as far as I could make out, were the words 'LOVE Muslims'. Perhaps a silver lining in this dark cloud of closed mindedness?

    It makes me think of Renan’s quote:
    “Muslims were the first victims of Islam. Many times I have observed in my travels that fanaticism comes from a small number of dangerous men who maintain others in the practice of this religion by terror. To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him.”

  5. Kinana, I think that writing on the yellow hoodie says, "Love music hate racism", yellow being the colour of cowardice and probably lies too!

  6. The Asian women at the front, trying to get Roberta ejected is Sabby Dhalu Joint sectretary of the UAF (same level as Weyman 'fatty' Bennett).

  7. Juniper in the Desert,
    that makes more sense. i was just too hopeful!
    Maybe the quote from Renan will spark some independent and original thinking by the anti-EDL crowd who will visit this site.

  8. There was a time when in British society it would not be acceptable to forcefully lay your hands on another person in public because of them having a voice. But the UAF seems to be learning some skills from the muslim groups about how to handle people that have an opinion against them. Now if an EDL member did that to one of these groups there would be outrage and they would be arrested. I think the UAF really stands for United Alternate Fascism.