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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

UAF/SWP protesters question rally police [over Bolton EDL demo]

Wednesday 1st December 2010, from The Bolton News

ANTI-FASCIST protesters have again questioned police tactics after a television documentary followed a police Tactical Aid Unit at a controversial rally in Bolton.

Channel 4’s “Coppers” programme, which was aired on Monday night, looked at what happened when the English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism staged rival protests in the town in March.

Campaigners from UAF and justiceforbolton said the programme highlighted what they believe to be the flawed tactics of Greater Manchester Police.

ACC Ian Hopkins said: "We were faced with a dynamic and ever changing situation that was at times extremely challenging and dangerous for officers on the ground.

"Decisions had to be made in real time and our aim throughout was to facilitate a peaceful protest and ensure the safety of demonstrators and members of the public.

"The actions of some protestors made that extremely difficult and the arrest tactic was a legitimate and lawful one that was used in the face of escalating disorder.

"The limited number of injuries sustained or damage caused to property is testament to the work of police on the day."

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