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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Tommy Robinson talks about police tactics

What the police have done to Tommy Robinson is utterly disgraceful. And yet, at the recent Peterborough demo, Tommy still asked the EDL to support the police and see them as 'our friends'.
That's fine because the police, those who have systematically harassed Tommy, have got their orders from the top. And like all civil servants and public sector workers in the UK, the police chiefs have been fed political correctness and Islamophilia for years, if not decades. They are nothing now but the puppets of the PC (Islamophiliac) Establishment. And that's why they have tried so very hard to get Tommy Robinson.
But, as always, the EDL says: No fucking surrender!

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  1. Keep it up son. We are with you.

    This video needs to be distributed to all the MSM