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Friday, 31 December 2010

St George's flag protest lands in court

[The Reading Chronicle article follows this comment; after the dotted lines.]

The fight against England and the English continues – or at least the fight against all expressions of English patriotism and Englishness are being fought against.

You see the problem is that Muslims are ‘offended’ or ‘insulted’ by such expressions of Englishness. They are offended by the Union Jack. By the cross of Saint George. By Christians and all displays of Christianity. By Christmas. By anything and everything that is not Islamic!

And, of course, the courts, the Government, the police and even the press are as it were trying to write Muslim Offence into the law. That is, they are paving the way for the Islamification of England.

It is precisely this naivety, or appeasement, or cowardly Dhimmitude, which is partly why Reading EDL protested.

Another mosque is an increase in the threat and even the actuality of Islamification. Mosques are the army barracks of Muslims and their jihad against all things non-Muslim. It is in mosques that the intimidation and even the killing of infidels, as well as the ways to make the UK more Islamic, are planned. When you enter a mosque you enter an oppressive world which is at odds with everything that is English and therefore harem and kuffar.

Soon the outsides of mosques will resemble the insides of mosques, as many schools, Islamo-ghettoes, etc. already do.


23rd December, 2010, the Reading Chronicle

THE English Defence League staged a protest in Reading today (Thursday) in support of a man arrested after hanging a St George’s flag outside a mosque.

Around 20 members of the controversial campaign group came from across the South East to demonstrate outside Reading Magistrates’ Court monitored by a heavy police presence.

Among them was co-founder Tommy Robinson, who told The Chronicle: “Our argument is with militant Islam. What’s far right about protecting women’s rights and gay people’s rights? The problem is the teachers of Islam, it’s got nothing to do with your colour. It all comes back to the Koran.”

Inside the court 37-year-old Tilehurst man Ronald Peterson was on trial for religiously aggravated harassment. The court heard he went to the partially built mosque in Oxford Road, west Reading, on May 30 to protest over the way its planning application was handled by the borough council.

Peterson, with two other men, draped the St George’s flag on a fence, posed for pictures and chanted “E, E, E.D.L” and “England”.

A 32-year-old witness, who gave evidence from behind a screen, told the court he was in the nearby Reading Tea House and went outside after hearing the chanting.

He said he dialled 999 because he was concerned the situation could escalate, and added: “My concern was the flag needed to be taken off the fence because it might be seen by Muslims as a religious symbol. I felt upset about the whole incident. I’m British myself, I was born in Reading. It’s made me feel a bit socially excluded.”

Police arrived on the scene within minutes and, without warning him or giving him a chance to move on, arrested Peterson on the spot. Sgt Lee Barnham said he spoke to the witness, and added: “He was offended by the use of what he considered to be a religious cross against the site of worship.

“It was clear he was upset and felt intimidated. I was satisfied an offence under the public order act had been committed.”

Peterson, who described the mosque as an “eyesore” and “monstrosity”, told the court he was unhappy because it had not been built in the required time but instead had planning permission re-granted and was given council funding.

Peterson denied being a racist but said he had a problem with the ideology of Islam. He added: “Go and see countries that are run by that ideology, it’s oppressive.”

District Judge Andrew Vickers reserved his verdict and the case was adjourned until January

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